We STILL Have Chills Over Katy Perry's Emotional Duet With an American Idol Contestant

Catie Turner, the 17-year-old contestant who stole our hearts in her first audition for the American Idol reboot — where she performed an original song titled “21st Century Machine” — immediately hooked us with her voice and quirky, honest self. During the show’s finale, the recently eliminated and undeclared fan-favorite got the chance to sing on stage with none other than judge Katy Perry. The song? Perry’s “Part of Me.” The viewers? Well, shook.

In the slowed-down rendition for one of the artist’s more-famous tracks, the duo actually sparkled under the stage lights as they belted it out in front of past-and-present photos of Turner. Responding to comments from fans wishing she would have won, or that she needs to be signed “ASAP,” Turner replied, “Thank you for all the kind words, everybody. It means the world. Katy helped me break out of my shell and see performing in a whole new light; she made me see it can be fun. It can be vulnerable. It can be real.”

This performance, like many of Turner’s throughout the competition, brings not only goosebumps, but inspiration.

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