Stray Kids: K-Pop Group Drops New EP ‘I Am Who’ & Fans Cannot Get Enough — Listen

Stray Kids have done it again! The sensational K-Pop group released their latest ‘masterpiece’ (as fans are calling it) ‘I Am WHO’, on August 6! Listen to the album and see the rave reviews from their loyal fans!

Stray Kids just gifted their fans with an epic 7-track mini album, titled “I Am WHO”! The South Korean boy band — made up of Woojin, Bang ChanLee Know, ChangbinHyunjin, HanFelixSeungmin and I.N — dropped their second EP on August 6, after teasing the new music with lyrical videos on social media. The EP consists of the tracks, “WHO?”, “My Pace”, “Voices”, “Question”, “Insomnia”, “M.I.A.”, and “Awkward Silence”. The new record is an upbeat mixture of pop, dance, R&B, and big-bass beats and fans can’t get enough of it!

“I am WHO has proven that stray kids has endless potential, and this album is literally so amazing,” one fan wrote on Twitter, adding, “I am so proud to be a stay and support these wonderful boys! stream I am WHO!” Another fan who completed the album before tweeting, wrote, “Just finished listening to I am WHO and in conclusion: stray kids don’t know how to make a bad song”. Meanwhile, one emotional said, “I’M SO PROUD OF Stray_Kids THE WHOLE OF I AM WHO IT’S SUCH A MASTERPIECE,, MY HEART IS SO FULL”.

The amazing reviews continued to pour in from Stray Kids fans (who are amazing on their own), with another writing, “I am WHO is a fantastic album just saying,, Stray Kids never disappoint”. “tbh i want to scream rn bcs STRAY KIDS: I AM WHO ALBUM IS LIT AF!!!!!!! i like all the tracks but hands down fr voices and M.I.A both of them r masterpiece,” one person tweeted. Then, there were the fans who couldn’t stop dancing when they heard the new music! “I MAY or MAYNOT have woke up at 5 in the morning just to listen to I am WHO and aggressively jumped around my room,” the excited fan tweeted.

Three days prior to the release of “I Am WHO”, Stray Kids put out the second teaser for their “My Pace” music video. — A visual which emphasizes that there’s no need to rush and that they’re going at their own pace.

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