Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles Raves Over Working With Taylor Swift: ‘She Can Write Anything’

If you aren’t listening to Taylor Swift & Sugarland’s stunning collab ‘Babe,’ then you need to right now! Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland opens up about working with Taylor on the hit song.

Sugarland’s newest hit off their highly-anticipated sixth studio album, “Babe,” featuring Taylor Swift, is the first song they didn’t write themselves to be put on a record. Taylor approached band members Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, after their five-year hiatus, and asked them to record a song she wrote with Train’s Pat Monahan in 2012. “We wanted to handle this very carefully. We were like Okay, Taylor, wait a minute, let’s record it and make sure you like how it sounds,’ and we also needed to make sure it fits within this album that we’re doing,” Jennifer told in an exclusive interview. “The last thing you want to do is screw up somebody else’s song, much less Taylor Swift’s song!”

Obviously, both parties loved and, Jennifer said Taylor loved it so much, she wanted to sing on it, too. “So it has been such a lovely, and a beautifully authentic artist to artist experience the whole time,” she continued. “we’re both very different vocally. Stylistically, we’re different kinds of vocalists. But it really works. Part of that, I think, too, is the songwriting. The melodies that she writes. I think they lend themselves to these harmonies that work in this way.”

The song’s popularity is not only a tribute to how much Sugarland’s fans have missed them, but also evidence of Taylor Swift’s remarkable talent to not conform to just one genre. “She can write anything, and her music does transcend genre, and we’ve seen that from the beginning of her career,” Jennifer said. “I think it’s a wonderful reminder, too, for all of her fans, that see she can still do whatever she wants to do.”

Sugarland’s full album, Bigger, will be available on June 8, and from the tracks we’ve heard so far, like the latest single, “Mother,” the record tells a tale of unity, support and love. Look out for a Sugarland performance of “Still The Same” and their Taylor Swift collab “Babe” on Live! With Kelly And Ryan on May 8!

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