‘Summer weather is looking chaotic’, says expert who predicts a mixed bag to come

It's the British way of summer every year where we obsess about how hot the sun will shine and if rain is on the cards, and it seems 2023 is no different – although an expert has claimed that we have a "new summer month" emerging.

Most of us feel like we've had all four seasons in a very small space of time, with the hottest June on record, followed by an incredibly wet and cooler July.

We want to know if there's light at the end of the tunnel for staycationers hoping to catch some rays at their local BBQ?

Senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, Jim Dale explains that what happened in June and July is called a "levelling up exercise" and that it's natures way.

He said: "It came in two dollops – dry and hot, then cool and wet, but now we've reached August, we're in for a real mix of the two.

"I would expect us to see further rain and showers at intervals but also gorgeous days reaching the high 20s."

Last summer's extreme summer temperatures were a rarity, Jim explained, and not something on the cards often.

"We're locked in for a mixed bag for the next fortnight and I don't see that changing.

"We almost certainly won't see last year's summer this year – and it's not expected every year either. That was a very hot plume that came out of Africa.

"Other parts of the world are eating that up nicely – they're reaching their absolute limits at the moment."

Today, parts of Spain climbed to an expected 40 degree heat, with Turkey and Cyprus reaching higher than this.

Wildfires are spreading in Portugal and on the opposite side of the world in Hawaii, where lives have been lost.

"Climate change doesn't mean it's everywhere all at once.," continues Jim.

"In Britain we live in a temperate world, so these very hot spells will come and go."

His biggest advice is something we're all guilty of not doing – being prepared.

"There is fine weather to be gained still but the trick is to see it coming and plan accordingly. Wear the right gear and be indoors at the right time.

"Just don't put yourself in a position where you're feeling wet and miserable. We've got to have the right attitude and be a bit more positive about our weather."

Having your bikini ready for more regular use in the future is on the cards though, especially if you live in the south or south east.

"Slowly but surely, we're seeing a transference of a Mediterranean type climate into the south and south east of Britain. We can expect more of that in future."

Interestingly, all is not over quite yet with an Indian summer looking hopeful for next month.

"September is the new, additional summer month. We won't lose the potential for very warm weather then, which is a direct symptom of an ongoing climate change. Our seas are warmer up," said Jim.

And plans to build a snowman are still on the cards for winter, but perhaps make sure it's extra secure with strong winds coming.

"We will almost certainly see milder winters, with very warm spikes. To see 22 degrees in December to February is possible.

"I predict cold snaps too, as well as stormy weather. The severity of the storms is due to temeratures heating up so expect big downpours, flooding, and snow."

Jim, who has released his own book, Weather or Not?, added: "Expect chaotic type weather for summer, and winter, impacting people's every day lives."

And yet Brits are not paying attention. "The weather has the biggest impact on us and yet we're still never prepared.," worries Jim.

"We have to start taking the weather and climate changes seriously.

"People need educated more in what to do in a wild fire, a flood, or a strong wind, just like people have First Aid training in their back pocket."

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