Sunny and warm weather set to turn into rain and thunderstorms this weekend

Sunny weather today and so far this week is set to give way to rain and thunderstorms this weekend.

Temperatures reached 26C on Wednesday in the Highlands of Scotland with roughly 20C expected today.

But Met Office forecasters have warned the coming weekend could see showers in the far north and west of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

And the majority of the country will be dry with sunny skies.

The warm weather today will once again be in Scotland with Stornoway seeing 20C and Glasgow 19C. London should be about 16C, forecasters predict.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “Sunny skies greet us as we start Thursday in much of the UK another fine day in store but there are subtle differences and a slow change on the way.

“Some patchy cloud for the central belts as we start off Thursday as well as Northern Ireland but for much of England and Wales clear skies.

“In the countryside temperatures in the low single figures so a fresh if not chilly start to the day in many places."

He added: “On Friday we'll see an initial spell of rain pushing its way west across parts of England and Wales followed by showers followed by a lot of cloud cover.

“Compared to recent days it's going to be much more cloud in the sky across England, Wales and southeastern Scotland."

There will be a mix of sunshine and showers throughout this weekend, with some turning thundery and heavy at times.

And next week the weather will be more temperamental with a risk of longer spells of heavy rains and thunderstorms across the south of the UK.

The Met Office believe next week, much like this, Scotland may see the warmer weather with the east of England some 5-8C cooler.

The sunshine and warmer weather this week has also brought a spike in UV levels with sunseekers warned not to get caught out.

Meteorologist Craig Snell told The Sun Online: "We're going to be expecting very dry weather with plenty of sun within the next two days.

"We're going to see some rain creep in the the second half of the week, as temperatures will begin to settle down on Friday."

For the 'Outlook for Saturday to Monday' the Met Office website says: "There will be sunshine and showers over the weekend, with the risk of thunder.

"Low cloud and mist is possible along eastern coasts. Feeling warm in sunnier areas."

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