Super-mum shares seven most useful tips for keeping her home well organised

A run-off-her-feet mum has explained some of her top tips for keeping her home organised and calm during the week.

Steph Pase, 30, a mum-of-two from Australia, has a following of thousands because of her knack for keeping an organised home using clever hacks and tricks.

The mum works full time so keeping her home ship shape is never easy.

But, she’s found some clever ways to make sure her life is well ordered.

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On her site, Just Another Mummy Blog, she said: "Life in general can become incredibly busy, overwhelming and sometimes there is simply not enough time in the day."

Follow her top tips to see if they pay off for you:

1. Weekly cleaning schedules

Steph sets a cleaning schedule to keep her family on track.

This means lists of daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks so she never has to try and remember everything that needs doing.

She said: "Personally, I like completing small cleaning tasks each day so I don't have to spend a whole day each week doing a huge clean.”

2. Meal prep

To keep her from having to cook from scratch three times a day, Steph sets aside some time to pre-prep her food.

This includes breakfasts and side dishes.

The mum explained "Every Sunday, I prep my overnight protein oats for the entire week and refrigerate three servings and freeze the rest."

She also chops, peels and bags the week’s veggies.

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3. Meal planning

Don’t make it so that you’re always going through the freezer looking for what to make – plan ahead.

Making a weekly meal plan allows Steph to stick to her food budget and know what she can prep on Sundays.

She can also plan to make enough for leftovers so lunch the next day is easy to heat up.

Plus, it means she only shops once a week.

4. Slow cooking

Steph loves her crock pot as it lets her cook meals while doing other things around the house.

All you do is chop, chuck it in and set it to cook.

When the mum is super busy she likes to make lamb, chicken curry or pulled pork in the slow cooker while out on the school run.

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5. Laundry comes first

Steph schedules in a load of laundry first thing each day to get it out of the way.

To do this, she throws her clothes in the drum the night before and uses the “delayed start” function.

That way her clothes are ready to hang by the time she wakes up.

6. Storage

Steph likes to gmake sure everything in the house has a home – and she labels her tubs to keep track.

This means everyone knows where things are to be put away, including the little ones.

In Steph’s pantry there are boxes labeled “Easy Meal Kits” and “Kids’ snacks” among others.

You can grab similar tubs from IKEA.

The mum said: "This means everyone in the home knows where to put what, and it keeps the space clean with zero mess because everything has a place."

7. Wake up before your kids

Steph gets up an hour before her children every day so that she can get things done without being distracted.

Usually, this means hanging up the laundry, making breakfast and answering emails.

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