Tamra Judge Shares Workout Video of Slimmed-Down Shannon Beador: 'She's Getting Lean and Mean'

Shannon Beador is showing off her fit physique.

Since gaining 40 lbs. last year, the mother of three has been dedicated to her fitness regimen — and now she’s seeing the results of her sweat sessions!

Earlier this week, Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Tamra Judge shared an Instagram video of her slimmed-down costar working out in what appears to be a home gym.

“So proud of @shannonbeador …she getting lean & mean ??” Judge, 50, captioned the post.

In the video, Beador, 54, does squats while sporting all-black workout gear and says,  “Check this out, Tamra Judge! Oh yeah!”

After watching the video, Judge’s followers praised Beador by leaving positive and supportive messages in the comments section.

“Go Shannon ?? you are beautiful inside & out!!” wrote user @marewww2013.

“?Keep at it lady?…great job!” wrote @melissa.0518.

Last summer, RHOC audiences watched Beador step on the scale — where she not only learned just how much weight she’d gained, but also that she was on the fast-track for diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

The emotional scene went down when Beador visited Tim Ramirez, a holistic specialist whose chiropractic work and sports exercises help his clients achieve a healthy body.

“I’m ready to lose the weight. I mean, Tim it’s not normal. I’ve gained so much weight in a year. I got stressed,” she told him — explaining how false allegations that her now-estranged husband David Beador was physically abusive pushed her to eat more. “I didn’t want to hurt David because we both have been through enough.”

After telling Ramirez she was done letting other people affect her, Beador stepped on the scale.

When she last weighed in with Ramirez in 2015, she was 134 lbs. — which was up from her usual 118-120 lb. range. This time? Beador weighed in at 172.2 lbs.

By the fall, Beador — who is in the middle of a messy divorce from David — showed off the results of her hard work, saying at the season 12 reunion that she had lost 25 lbs. so far.

“I have 15 more to go,” Beador told host Andy Cohen as she sat on the reunion couch in a chic black v-neck dress.

Though she’s feeling strong now, Beador said her weight gain made her feel insecure when the RHOC cameras were rolling.

“I have to tell you when the season started filming, I didn’t want to film. I didn’t want to be in front of the camera. It was like, ‘Oh my God, everyone’s going to see how I’ve let myself go,’ ” Beador recalled. “You feel crappy about yourself. And I know there’s a lot of women who say, ‘You’re not that big’ or you know ‘I’m bigger and you’re making too big of a deal out of it.’ And I apologize to those women, I didn’t meant to offend anyone. But for me, I’ve always been a size 2 or 4. So for me personally, this was just a huge change.”

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