Tap your makeup bag to create these cool Halloween looks

Everyone has a die-hard Halloween friend who spends months preparing for the big day. But for the rest of us who are shamelessly slapdash when it comes to the holiday, there’s still hope, says Glamsquad artistic director Kelli J. Bartlett. She conceives glam, ghoulish looks for a crew of 600 on-demand makeup artists to be dispatched across the city this Halloween. But Bartlett says you don’t even need a professional to pull off a classic creepy-cool get-up — such as a witch, a unicorn, a devil or a zombie. Rather, it can be as simple as repurposing your everyday cosmetics. (If you do choose to call in the big guns, Glamsquad charges $125 to $200 for costume-inspired face paint.)

“These four looks are actually very easy to articulate with basic beauty makeup,” Bartlett says. “You can use the same products, but with unexpected placement.”

This means creating what she calls a “spooky contour”: instead of reaching for your regular concealer and highlighter, Bartlett suggests taking the plunge with unexpected colors, such as rich purples for a witch, and candy-colored pastels for the unicorn, “adding light and dark to the face in order to create the desired effect.”

For more sinister looks, she recommends adding hazy shadows to areas we usually hope to brighten. “You actually want to have more darkness under the eye,” she says, adding that a gray or even black shadow would be perfect for achieving “that raw, evil quality.”

Even with these touches, Bartlett says it’s easy enough to keep all four of these characters delightfully party-pretty.

“You know and love your best feature,” she says. If it’s your eyes, “add a [fake] lash, a couple of coats of mascara … if you have amazing high cheekbones, just layer on the highlighter. Just because you’re a devil or a zombie, doesn’t mean you can’t be chiseled.”

The classic costume: Witch

Even though a fully green face would be totally wicked, Bartlett’s purple contour gives a more subtle-yet-spooky effect: Paint down the sides of the nose and fill in the hollows of the cheeks and inner corners of the eyes with purple eye shadow.

She says this look also needs an extremely bold brow. “It’s like the feathered eyebrow on steroids,” she says, advising would-be witches to use plenty of clear or tinted brow gel to comb all of the tiny hairs upward. “When the center and the front of the brow is really combed up, it looks almost feral,” she says. Add thick faux lashes and a metallic black lip to make this look even more haunting.

Hero product: Bushy brow gel, $18.99 at LimeCrime.com

Finishing touch: Reversible glitter witch hat, $16.99 at Claires.com

The classic costume: Unicorn

A sweet pink contour on the cheeks, nose and forehead solidifies the magical-creature vibe. You can use pink and purple shadows, but in a pinch, blush works just as well. To top it off, Bartlett recommends piling on the sparkle, layering powder highlighter on the apples of the cheeks, the center of the eyelids and on the lips mid-pout.

For a gorgeous equine eye, drag a white liner across the lower lash line. Use the same product for a magical finishing touch: “There’s nothing cuter than a unicorn with a spray of freckles,” Bartlett says.

Hero product: Fenty Beauty Match Stix shimmer skin stick in “Unicorn,” $25 at Sephora.com

Finishing touch: Unicorn horn headband, $9.99 at Ricky’s, various locations

The classic costume: Zombie

Nothing says “living dead” like a hint of rotting flesh. To achieve this effect without a degree in monster makeup, Bartlett says you can strategically apply a clay mask, either all over or just in one spot, such as a cheek or on the forehead. “Put it on so it’s pretty thick, let it dry, and then move your face around” until it starts to crack, Bartlett suggests.

A sable-colored smoky eye and gray lip (try Huda Beauty’s lip color in “Silver Fox,” $19, or use a silver eye pencil) will give this look the undeniable allure of the undead.

Hero product: L’Oréal Pure-Clay mask, $9 at Target.com

Finishing touch: Hematite skull necklace, $9.99 at Claires.com

The classic costume: Devil

Because it’s densely pigmented, Bartlett suggests using deep red lip color in an unexpected way to amp up this mischievous look. “Buff it on your brow bone and then all around the eye with an eyeshadow brush,” Bartlett says, adding that you can use a bit on your cheeks as well. Don’t forget to swipe it across the lips for a sultry smirk, and then blot it a bit to diffuse the edges. Smudge black liner all around the eye, and especially on the lower lash line, to complete the sultry little devil look.

Hero product: Huda Beauty matte lip color in “Vixen,” $20, and Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Mousse in “Amplify,” $22

Finishing touches: Clip-on devil horns, $4.99, sequin devil pitchfork, $3.99, and feather boa, $9.99, all at Party City, various locations

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