Tattooed duo told ‘you won’t get job’ with appearance say ‘love gets us through’

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    A tattoo and body modification fanatic has revealed the muse behind his inkings – and she’s just as unconventional as he is.

    Tobias Müller, 33, a zookeeper from Dortmund, Germany, regularly hits the headlines thanks to his controversial look, which has seen his entire body covered in over 300 'extreme' tattoos.

    As well as his various inkings, he also boasts a split tongue, four subdermal silicone implants, one permanent branding – and even an implanted magnet and chip.

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    However, the tattoo fan claims his addiction hasn’t cost him a penny since falling in love in March 2018 with tattoo artist, Lena-Marie Duhn, 24, who he says has done most of his tattoos.

    Now, the pair show off their combined 360 “doodles” and over 54 piercings with their online fanbase – but not everyone is keen on their bizarre look.

    “Especially on the internet, there are regular hateful comments, such as that I would have to be mentally ill with the way I look,” he told NeedToKnow.Online.

    “I’ve also been told that I must’ve had a bad childhood, that I won’t ever find a job and other harsh comments like this.

    "Someone also said they wished I was blind due to my eyeball tattoo."

    Lena said: "I've often had requests to kill myself, which has emotionally hurt me – but we normally try to ignore them and simply delete any negative comments.

    “[There are] positive comments too, where we’ve been described as a work of art and in public, people ask for photos with us.

    “At the end of the day, we’re only doing all of this for ourselves, not for anyone else.”

    After he came across her Instagram, he decided to send her a direct message and quickly, the pair felt a connection.

    They both love that they can be themselves around each other and share similar interests besides tattoos and modifications – such as music and films.

    Tobias said: “I love her character, the way she loves and accepts me as I am, with all my quirks and mistakes.

    “I think we complement each other very well."

    Lena added: "I find everything about him attractive, such as his style and physique – especially his smile.

    "When he looks at me with those dimples, I love it. I also love his butt and belly.

    “We both love the way tattoos and modifications look, as they give us the possibility to truly express ourselves."

    Talking about his tattoos, Tobias added: “I love being able to change and shape my body according to my own wishes and also the new ability I’ve gained from this, such as the mobility of my split tongue.

    “She’s completed around 230 of my tattoos in the last five years and all of this has brought us closer together.

    “Some ex-partners didn’t want me to live life in this way, but now we can both live exactly as we want with the full support from each other."


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