Taylor Swift Red Hair in Sugarland Babe Music Video Teaser

The official trailer for Sugarland‘s song, “Babe,” aired last night during the 2018 CMT Awards and it was pretty amazing. We also think this goes without saying, but Swifties were pretty much SHOOK when they caught a glimpse of their fave sporting an incredible look in the music video. Let’s just say that Taylor Swift is making her brief return to country music in the best way possible.

Although the “Babe” teaser was only 30 seconds long, the trailer pretty much gave us everything we needed to know. The “Look What You Made Me Do” singer stars alongside Jennifer Nettles and Brandon Routh in the visual and, to no one’s surprise, there is a TON of drama between these three characters.

It starts off with the Sugarland singer in a happy and blissful marriage with her hubby, played by Brandon. That is, until the actor comes in contact with Taylor’s character (a.k.a. the beautiful red mistress). Judging by the super short clip, it kinda looks like Tay is to blame for Jennifer’s marriage falling apart because she pretty much steals Brandon’s attention. But you know, things aren’t always what they seem. Especially when there are a TON of missing pieces from this dramatic puzzle.

Now, it’s obviously no surprise that T.Swizzle has what we can only assume to be a pretty big role in this music video. After all, she did co-write the song and is featured on the track, so it makes total sense.

Music video talk aside, can we just take a moment to discuss Taylor’s look?! The pop star ditched her usual blonde locks for a fiery red hairdo and we are just LOVING it. Sure, it was probably done for the role, but we definitely wouldn’t be mad if Tay decided to be a full-time redhead! Out with the blonde and in with the red.

Anyway, the full video doesn’t drop until June 9th, so we’ll just have to keep watching this teaser over and over again until it’s here.

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