Teen electrocuted ‘trying to impress girlfriend’ by climbing on top of train

A teenage boy exploded into flames and died after he suffered an electric shock from 27,500-volt cables when climbing up on top of a train to allegedly impress his girlfriend.

Oleg Khoroshaev, 13, was reportedly taking a selfie during the stunt when he was electrocuted in Karasuk, Russia.

A deeply distressing video was released of the boy writhing and crying in agony after he fell off the side of the carriage by the devastating shock, as police warned children about the “dire threats” from playing near railway tracks.

A female witness said a group of boys and the girl had been walking beside the railway in Karasuk town, Novosibirsk region where there was a stationary cargo train.

“Oleg said that he wanted to climb a carriage and another boy planned to follow him, asking ‘How does it feel up there?’ Suddenly there was an explosion on top of the carriage,” she said.

“Everybody instinctively turned their heads away but when they looked up again they saw a large black mark on Oleg’s chest and then he caught fire.”

The boy was rushed to the hospital and a doctor battled to save his life, but his death was confirmed three days after the incident by Western Siberian transport prosecutors.

“The child has passed away,” they said in a statement.

One friend denied that the boy was taking a selfie but admitted he had his phone with him.

A report said he was “posing in front of his girlfriend and suffered an electric shock before her very eyes.”

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