Teenager mistakenly moves into retirement village after signing lease without viewing flat

Martin Lewis discusses pensions and retiring

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Madison Kohout was looking for a new apartment online when she came across one she liked and agreed a tenancy without viewing the property. But a week into life in her new home the penny finally dropped and she realised what she’d signed up for.

Ms Kohout, 19, was initially confused when she saw all her neighbours appeared to be over the age of 65.

Sharing her story on TikTok, the teen revealed that it took her stumbling across a sign that revealed she was living in a community for senior citizens to realise what had happened.

In the video, Ms Kohout shows herself browsing for apartments on her laptop before standing in front of a sign reading “Senior Citizens Apts” looking embarrassed.

The video has since gone viral, gaining over 3.4 million views since its upload less than two weeks ago.

It proved so popular that Ms Kohout went on to post a follow up to the story, showing her followers how life in the retirement village in Arkansas, US, was treating her.

In the TikTok, she said: “How is life at the old folks home you might ask? Let me show you.

“Well, whenever I get home it’s usually super quiet, because most of my neighbours are asleep by the time I get home.”

The teen was even finding that the retirement village had some perks that a regular apartment might not offer her.

Ms Kohout, who had moved from Oklahoma, has been enjoying playing music whenever she likes as “some of them can’t hear” and appreciates how nice the residents are as they always ask how she is after a long day.

She added: “Another fun thing about living in the old folks home is I can always hear about the ‘tea’ in the town whenever I want.”

Ms Kohout ended her story by laughing at the funny side of her experience: “And just remember, if you’re struggling with rent, start your early retirement!”

TikTokers have been going wild over Ms Kohout’s story, with thousands of them commenting on the saga.

One said: “I wanted to do this SO BAD when I was in college bc I knew it’d be quiet there but I didn’t think they’d let me in!”

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Another added: “Okay but you’ll hear the best gossip and you can be as loud as you want bc they won’t hear you!”

A third said: “But like imagine all your new friends! All the baked goods and stories and ain’t one of them gonna snitch on you!”

Another TikToker said: “How is this not the plot of a famous TV show yet?”

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