Tennessee Teen Stabs Male Classmate Who Lifted Her Dress, Gets Charged With Assault

Did the victim deserve such harsh punishment?

A Tennessee teenager stabbed a classmate who lifted her dress, and now both teenagers are facing criminal charges, Fox News is reporting.

The incident happened last week at Memphis’ Central High School. Because this crime took place within the walls of a public high school where students’ privacy is protected, many of the specifics remain unclear. However, based on police reports, it seems that the two students were in a classroom when a male student allegedly pulled up a female classmate’s dress. The victim responded by allegedly grabbing a pair of scissors and stabbing the boy. According to WHBQ-TV (Memphis), the girl allegedly tried to stab the boy multiple times before making contact.

It’s not clear where on the boy’s body the successful blow landed.

The school’s nurse treated the boy. It is not clear, as of this writing, if he required further treatment at a hospital.

For his part, the boy said that he was “only playing and never exposed” the victim.

However, both teenagers were issued juvenile summonses. The boy has been charged with sexual battery, while the girl has been charged with one count of assault.

It is unclear, as of this writing, whether or not either student will face any punishment at school for the alleged incident. What’s more, since teenagers’ privacy in school is protected, that information will likely never be known unless they or their families speak to the media.

On social media, this crime has raised the age-old question, “does the punishment fit the crime?” in regards to whether the girl acted in self-defense, or whether she herself committed a crime.

One user reminded readers that, back in his day, little kids didn’t tolerate such shenanigans, and that the teachers would have written the girl’s behavior off as “lessons learned” for the miscreant boy.

“Back when I was in school, this was normal. Watched one boy get kicked in the nuts and stabbed with a pencil, then she beat the snot out of him for trying to pull her shorts down while playing.”

That reader’s comments are echoed by several users who also used the words “self-defense.”

“He got what he deserved.”

“Should have stabbed him in the eye.”

Others, however, haven’t been so sympathetic to the girl.

“This little witch will kill someone someday.”

“Its just sick to see all these comments supporting a female for committing an act of physically damaging violence.”

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