Tesco confirms Quiet Hours will be a permanent fixture between 9 and 10am

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The scheme is designed to help those with hidden disabilities, such as autism, as well as elderly people and those struggling with mental health. Tesco says one in five people have a disability and understand busy stores with loud noises, bright lights and strong smells can be stressful for some customers.

Going forward, the supermarket will dim the lights and lower the noise of its checkouts from 9am until 10am, every Wednesday and Saturday.

A spokesperson for the supermarket said: “People can feel, see and experience the world differently, and for our customers with autism, the shopping experience may sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. 

“A calmer environment can also be better for our elderly customers, those shopping with young children, or our customers who may be struggling with mental health.”

It has not yet been confirmed how many stores will adopt the new scheme. 

Tesco also says it will look to reduce the noise of its self-service tills and Scan As You Shop devices in the future too.

Claire Pickthall, Tesco Group Customer Proposition Director said: “We know that almost 20 percent of the population in the UK have a disability and we want to be able to help our customers as much as we can.

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“So, I am really proud that at Tesco, we are taking another step in being a more inclusive business by introducing Quiet Hour across all our stores.

“I know that for some people the shopping trip can be stressful and not just for people with a disability, but for others looking for a calmer place to shop.

“We want everyone to know that Tesco is a welcome place for everyone to come and shop or work with us.”

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