The 12 Best ‘Shark Tank’ Products That Are Pure Genius

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It’s no secret that reality TV can be ridiculously addicting. But there’s one show people can’t get enough of and it doesn’t have any bachelors or real housewives — we’re talking “Shark Tank.” Since its premiere in 2009, viewers can’t stop watching wannabe entrepreneurs pitch their products to the “Sharks” like Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary. Over 200 episodes in, we think we’ve seen it all, until something else comes along to blow your mind, whether that’s in a good way or a bad way. Though there have been plenty of duds, over the course of a decade there have been plenty of mind-blowingly genius “Shark Tank” products, too. To prove it, we’ve rounded up the best “Shark Tank” products that are worth investing in.



Bala Bangles

If you know someone who’s been getting swole in quarantine, these Bala Bangles might have something to do with it. This at-home workout must will help you majorly step up your exercise routine. Designed to be worn on the wrists or ankles, the set includes two one-pound weights that fit everyone. They’re an easy way to add resistance to yoga, running, aerobics, Pilates, walking, core training or even when you’re just out and about, making them a smart alternative to dumbbells, since they’ll never limit your range of motion. They come in a range of colors.

Bala Bangles$49.00Buy It


Guzzle Buddy 2GO Wine Glasses

On those days when you just want an entire bottle of wine to yourself — hey, we’ve been there — you’ll need the Guzzle Buddy 2GO Wine Glass. It instantly turns any bottle into your personal wine glass, not to mention it’s a pretty funny party trick. Made from unbreakable copolyester with a 100% silicone sleeve, it fits into most bottles. Plus, it’s easy to clean, freezer-safe, PBA-free and won’t crack or yellow over time.

Guzzle Buddy 2GO Wine Glasses$12.99Buy It



Inf-Way Garden Genie Gloves

Gardeners need these ingenious gloves in their arsenal of tools, which will actually save you from needing extra gardening tools. The super sturdy, waterproof and puncture-resistant gardening gloves have four claws made from strong ABS plastic that let you dig and plant without hand tools, saving a step while safeguarding your skin. They’ll keep your mitts safe even during the most heavy duty work, yet the fabric is breathable for comfort.

Inf-Way Garden Genie Gloves$11.66Buy It



Frywall Medium Splatter Guard

No one likes to clean up a mess in the kitchen, especially when it’s splatter from cooking, which is notoriously tough to tackle. Luckily, this clever contraption prevents messes in the first place. It holds the title of being the very first splatter guard that protects your space while giving you complete access for cooking, since the top of the pan is uncovered. It’ll still block all the fine oil that screens let escape while allowing steam to get out, meaning everything still cooks perfectly without any mess. Another perk: it prevents spillover. It comes in a range of sizes; this one fits 10-inch pans. Made of BPA-free, FDA-compliant silicone, it’s totally safe and can withstand temperatures of up to 450°F, plus it is dishwasher safe.

Frywall Medium Splatter Guard$18.95Buy It


LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns

The last thing anyone needs is their phone battery running out during an emergency when you need it the most. The LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns can come to the rescue! This twofer is a super bright LED solar lantern and phone charger that’s lightweight, waterproof, shatter-proof, inflatable and portable. Boasting a 2000mAH built-in battery, it can recharge your smartphone or tablet with a 2.1-amp output port. Its impressively long battery life supplies about 50 hours of light when it’s fully charged on low mode. It can be recharged in either 12 to 14 hours of direct outdoor sunlight or one to two hours via the included USB cord. It has five different brightness settings. You’ll also want to take it camping!

LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns$49.95Buy It


PhoneSoap Pro

If there’s one thing COVID-19 has taught us, it’s that it’s good to be a germaphobe. We hate to break it to you, but your phone is a serious source of the icky stuff. In fact, it’s 18 times dirtier and has more bacteria than a public toilet, which is why you’ll want to give it a serious disinfecting. Since you can’t give it a bath, the PhoneSoap Pro is the technological version. It kills 99.99% of bacteria in just five minutes with powerful UV-C light.

PhoneSoap Pro$119.95Buy It


Squatty Potty the Original Bathroom Toilet Stool

The Squatty Potty is still going strong as one of “Shark Tank’s” best-sellers and a famous success story. In case you still don’t have the scoop, the doctor-recommended contraption helps you mimic a natural squat position when you’re on the toilet to properly align your colon, making it easier to do number two. It has a lot of health benefits, especially when it comes to preventative care. The height is adjustable, even for kids, and it’s made in the USA.

Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool$29.99Buy It



Say bye-bye to bad posture and slouching with the BetterBack, which was an instant hit on Season 3. It instantly and comfortably corrects your posture in just five seconds flat. Simply wear it for 15 minutes a day and it’ll give your posture a makeover. The BetterBack delivers support to help you feel relief and lets you sit ergonomically in any chair. Super portable, it’s small enough to fold up inside a purse or bag, so you can tote it to the office. You’ll be standing taller in no time.

BetterBack$49.99Buy It


Ring Video Doorbell

You’ll never have to wonder who is ringing your doorbell again with the Ring Video Doorbell. The 1080p HD video doorbell gives you a sneak peek, allowing you to see, hear and speak to whoever is at your door from a phone, tablet or computer. You can receive notifications to your phone whenever someone rings your doorbell or sets off the built-in motion sensors. Upgraded from the original, this version has enhanced motion detection, privacy zones, audio privacy and sharper night vision. You can either power it through its built-in rechargeable battery or connect it to your doorbell wires. Thanks to the Ring app and included tools, setup is a cinch.

Ring Video Doorbell$99.99Buy It


Glovestix Odor Eliminator

Say goodbye to stinky sneakers! This deodorizer gets rid of funky smells sans any harsh chemicals — it’s all natural and non-toxic. It spotlights Silver Seal technology to stop 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria over 24 hours and also absorbs moisture. The light scent of plant-based essential oils is a welcome alternative. It has replaceable deodorizing and moisture-absorbing bags that should be changed every three months. It’s especially great for sports equipment, like boxing gloves, cleats, boots and other gear.

Glovestix Odor Eliminator$29.99Buy It


Palmini Low Carb Linguine

Love the taste of linguine but not the carbs and calories that come with it? Then you’ll want to fill your bowl with Palmini instead. The pasta alternative is made from hearts of palm, a plant that is just like pasta when it’s cooked just right. The hearts of palm used in Palmini are harvested in a way that’s sustainable and eco-friendly. Palmini is also gluten-free, already cooked and comes in other pasta varieties as well, such as rice and angel hair.

Palmini Low Carb Linguine$7.84Buy It


Scrub Daddy FlexTexture Sponge

Another “Shark Tank” best-seller, these clever sponges are temperature-controlled to get the job done. They’re firm in cold water to make for an extra strong scrub and soft in warm water for a lighter load. Essentially, they’re two cleaning tools in one. The color-coded system makes it easy to give each hue a different job, such as blue for the bathroom and orange for dish duty. They’re scratch-free, making them safe to use on plenty of surfaces, including glass, stainless steel, cast iron, non-stick coatings, copper, chrome and leather. They’re also odor-resistant for up to eight weeks with proper maintenance and their quick drying time wards off mold.

Scrub Daddy FlexTexture Sponge$9.99Buy It

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