The 6 foods to AVOID at the breakfast buffet on holiday, according to gut doctor Michael Mosley | The Sun

FOR many of us, a hotel breakfast buffet is the stuff of dreams and we look forward to munching our way through the banquet of pastries, fruit and eggs for months.

But you might start to notice a dip in your energy after your morning indulgences, or you might worry that the healthy eating you've been practising all year is dropping to the wayside.

Whatever the case, you don't have to swear off your hotel buffet foods completely.

There are some healthier options to go for, according to weight loss guru Dr Michael Mosley.

In a blog posted to his website, the creator of rapid weight loss programme The Fast 800 discussed a few foods you might want to steer clear of on your hotel breakfast spread and what you can indulge in without a second thought.

Hotel breakfast foods to avoid

If you want to make sure you're choosing healthy breakfast food options, Dr Mosley suggested you pass on:

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  1. Fruit juices
  2. Pastries
  3. Cereals
  4. Muffins and cake
  5. Dried fruit
  6. Hash browns

The doctor also acknowledged that it can be easy to overload your plate – and go back for seconds and thirds – when you're faced with loads of delicious options.

He suggested you load up your plate with healthier foods.

What can I go for instead?

When your surveying your hotel breakfast buffet, these are the foods Dr Mosley suggested you make a beeline for:

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  • Omelettes – some hotels have omelette stations where you can choose your own fillings, so don’t be shy with the vegetables. You can also go for other egg preparations too
  • Greek yogurt with berries
  • Vegetables are often available either cooked or raw. You may find cooked spinach, which Dr Mosley said is delicious with eggs
  • Cheese, nuts and avocado are great healthy fats to add to your plate as they’ll keep you fuller for longer

Don't worry, your breakfast plate doesn't need to be totally devoid of enjoyment for your whole stay.

Dr Mosley listed a few foods that you can indulge in now and again:

  • Bread – depending on where you’re holidaying, there may be some healthier bread options. Avoid the plain white varieties and occasionally enjoy sourdough or rye, if available
  • Sausages and bacon
  • Local treats – holidays are special occasions, and don’t happen too often, so you may want to involve yourself in trying the local delicacies every now and then

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