The best Christmas hampers of 2019

Christmas hampers are a thing of wonder. As soon as the season is upon us, you can bet we’ll be agonising over whether to splash out one filled with wine, cheese or desert… although, actually, we think we’ll go for all three.

Let’s be real, the best thing about Christmas is the food. From a steaming turkey (or nut roast) on Christmas day to the cheese buffet we have no doubt you’ll be picking away at on Boxing Day, there are certain foodie rituals that are part-and-parcel of this time of year. 

Which is why we so love the trend for foodie Christmas hampers, they combine all of the best bits in one, festively put together place. Not only are they a lovely addition to your own Christmas day, they make for a perfect gift for hosts, in-laws or when visiting friends or family. And, because there are so many of them on the market, you can pick something that appeals to the particular tastes of your special recipient. 

From sweet treats to those that feature particularly boozy delights, we’ve put together an edit of the best Christmas hampers for 2019. Now for some serious festive feasting!

  • The Christmas Connoisseur

    Best Christmas hampers: Panzer’s

    Where is it from? Panzer’s 

    How much is it? £135

    What’s in it? 

    • Firetree Philippines Mindanao Island Dark Chocolate
    • Montgomery cheddar
    • Delaforce LBV Port 2012
    • La Santomiele dried figs with dark chocolate
    • Sturia Oscietra caviar
    • The Fine Cheese Co. single serving selection box
    • Panzer’s smoked salmon
    • Winslade
    • Panzer’s small natural nut selection
    • Sacchi truffle butter 
  • The Deluxe Ottolenghi Hamper

    Best Christmas hampers: Ottolenghi

    Where is it from? Ottolenghi

    How much is it? £110

    What’s in it?

    • Corn and za’atar crackers
    • Preserved lemon and chilli olives
    • Chilli and coriander chutney
    • Lavosh
    • Rosemary spiced nuts
    • Ottolenghi ketchup
    • Cheddar and pistachio biscuits
    • Dukkah
    • Grissini
    • Lemon myrtle salt
    • Seeds for salad
    • Raspberry and coconut marshmallows
    • Dark chocolate, pistachio and raspberry brittle
    • Salt caramel and chocolate brittle
    • Lemon and vanilla marmalade
    • Raspberry and Morello cherry jam
    • Ottolenghi nougat
    • Ottolenghi granola
    • ANZAC biscuits
    • Santa Baby Hamper

      Best Christmas Hampers: Harvey Nichols

      Where is it from? Harvey Nichols

      How much is it? £35

      What’s in it? 

      • Harvey Nichols Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore NV
      • Harvey Nichols mini panettone 
      • Harvey Nichols boozy balls
      • Harvey Nichols No.4 peanut butter fudge 
      • The Fortnum’s Classic Christmas Hamper

        Best Christmas Hamper: Fortnum and Mason

        Where is it from? Fortnum & Mason 

        How much is it? £175

        What’s in it? 

        • Fortnum’s Brut Reserve N.V, Louis Roederer Bottle
        • Fortnum’s Côtes du Rhône, Andre Brunel
        • Fortnum’s Bordeaux Blanc Sec, Chateau Haut Rian
        • Christmas nutcracker biscuits
        • County biscuit selection tin
        • The Monarch marmalade
        • Apricot preserve
        • Royal Blend tea
        • Piccadilly salted caramel biscuits
        • Cognac butter
        • Christmas spricot, cranberry and port chutney
        • Fortnum’s caramelised red onion marmalade
        • Marc de Champagne truffles
        • St James Christmas pudding
        • Sparkling de Léoube and smoked salmon basket hamper

          Best Christmas Hampers: Daylesford

          Where is it from? Daylesford 

          How much is it? £135

          What’s in it? 

          • Sparkling de Léoube rosé, Château Léoube, Provence, France
          • Love by Léoube rosé, Château Léoube, Provence
          • Organic Irish smoked salmon
          • Blinis
          • Daylesford dill sauce
          • Léoube crème d’anchoïade
          • Daylesford charcoal biscuits
          • Marble board
          • Luxury Vegan Hamper

            Where is it from? The British Hamper Company

            How much is it? £67.85

            What’s in it? 

            • Tierra Merlot Central Valley 
            • Olives Et Al rosemary and garlic olives 
            • Yorkshire Crisps natural sea salt 
            • The Real Smoked Nut Company hickory smoked almonds and cashews 
            • Miller’s Elements smoked flour and red hot chilli crackers 
            • Yorkshire Popcorn salt and sweet popcorn 
            • Perry Court Farm sweet apple crisps 
            • Willie’s cacao venezuelan gold luxury chocolate 
              • Season’s Greetings Classic Christmas Hamper

                Where is it from? Virginia Hayward 

                How much is it? £50

                What’s in it? 

                • Gouda and chilli biscuits
                • Story white grape and elderflower sparkling fruit presse
                • Luxury mince pies
                • Mince pie fudge 
                • Primera Luz Merlot
                • Chocolate pralines
                • Christmas pudding
                • Gouda and chilli savoury nibbles
                • Sweet popcorn
                •  Fruit cake
                • Mince pie fudge
                • Christmas nuts
                • Chocolate biscuits
                • Merlot
              • Prosecco Pamper Christmas Hamper

                Where is it from? Todhunter

                How much is it? £39.99

                What’s in it? 

                • Prosecco GIOL Organic 
                • Cocktail Candy prosecco gummy bottles
                • Curiouser and Curiouser fluffy raspberry and prosecco mallow clouds
                • Todhunter small candle scented white tea and cotton flower
                • The Knightsbridge Hamper

                  Where is it from? Harrods

                  How much is it? £250

                  What’s in it? 

                  • Harrods 22 piece chocolate selection 
                  • Spiced salted caramel fudge 
                  • Golden cocoa-dusted almonds 
                  • Harrods classic Christmas pudding
                  • Classic minced pies
                  • Wholegrain mustard 
                  • Boxing Day chutney
                  • Spiced plum and berry jam 
                  • Brandy butter 
                  • Christmas biscuit assortment 
                  • Christmas spiced black tea 
                  • After dinner coffee 
                  • Harrods Champagne Grand Reserve Nv
                  • Rioja Crianza
                  • New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
                  • Winter Warmer Hamper

                    Where is it from? Harvey Nichols

                    How much is it? £90

                    What’s in it? 

                    • Harvey Nichols Mulled Wine
                    • Harvey Nichols No.7 Really Chocolatey Fudge 
                    • Harvey Nichols caramelised cinnamon almonds 
                    • Harvey Nichols three mini Christmas cakes 
                    • Harvey Nichols I Should cocoa spicy hot chocolate 
                    • Harvey Nichols white, milk and dark chocolate raisings
                    • Harvey Nichols berry and mulled wine jam 
                    • Harvey Nichols I Love chocolate biscuits 
                    • Images: Courtesy of brands 

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