The Cry viewers in shock after finding out what happened to baby Noah

‘The most intense hour of TV ever!’ The Cry fans are left stunned as what REALLY happened to baby Noah – and his father – is revealed at last in ‘haunting’ finale

  • Viewers of The Cry were left on the edges of their seats after the series finale
  • They found out what really happened to baby Noah after he went missing 
  • Joanna’s fate was also sealed after she appeared in court in Scotland for murder 
  • It left viewers gripped, with one tweeting they were ‘on the edge of my seat’

Viewers of The Cry hailed the show as a dark and intense ‘masterpiece’ after the nail-biting BBC drama dropped not one but two bombshells in Sunday night’s finale.

Grieving mother Joanna found out that it was her partner Alistair who fed their baby Noah the penicillin that killed him – despite Alistair having led her to believe that she was responsible for their son’s death.

Last week it was revealed that Joanna was facing her trial – glimpses of which were shown in courtroom scenes throughout the series – over Alistair’s death, not baby Noah’s. 

She was found innocent, but as she walked free from court in Sunday night’s episode it was revealed that Joanna had in fact killed Alistair, unclipping his seatbelt before deliberately driving their car off the road. 

Viewers flooded Twitter with their shocked reactions to the twist, with one calling it ‘one of the most intense and darkest hours of TV I’ve ever seen’. 

Viewers of BBC One’s The Cry were left in shock last night when it was revealed that Joanna did murder her husband, but walked free from court. Pictured: Jenna Coleman as Joanna in The Cry

‘Absolutely loved #TheCry had me gripped all the way through,’ a third said.

Another posted: ‘Couldn’t sleep so just watched the finale of #TheCry. Beautifully shot, wonderfully acted; that ending is going to haunt me.’

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Another: ‘Gripped from the first episode, shot beautifully, captured everything! Jenna Coleman portrayed the story perfectly and I believed her characters pain right through… #TheCry masterpiece!!’

The episode began with Alistair and Joanna leaving Australia where the baby had died to start their lives over again in Scotland, but Joanna found his attempts to forget about Noah suffocating, and didn’t want to move on. 

The shock twists left viewers on Twitter ‘hooked’ (pictured), with one tweeting: ‘I’ve been on the edge of my seat for weeks!’

She became suspicious when she received a letter from a lady who had sat behind them on their fateful flight from Glasgow to Melbourne, during which Jo was supposed to have fed Noah the medicine that killed him.

Noah had screamed and cried the whole flight and a stressed Jo lost her temper and snapped at passengers when they complained, before she gave the baby medicine to ease his teething pain. 

The passenger told Joanna in the letter she knew they were innocent in Noah’s disappearance, because she had seen Alistair tenderly feed the baby a dose of medicine in Melbourne Airport to calm him down – which Joanna hadn’t known about.

After the baby died Jo was overcome with guilt, which began having an impact on her mental health, leading her to have delusions and hallucinations. 

The next day Joanna decided to take Alistair out for a drive to confront him about the medicine, and at first he denied giving him a second dose.

It was revealed that it was Alistair (pictured, played by Ewen Leslie) who gave baby Noah the dose of penicillin that killed him after the couple arrived in Melbourne

When Joanna worked out what really happened she decided to take Alistair on a drive (pictured) to confront him about his lies and manipulation

After Alistair admitted he’d let Jo believe she’d killed their son she unclipped his seatbelt and drove the car off the road, killing him instantly (pictured)

Joanna had received a letter from a woman who’d sat behind the couple and their baby on the plane, who revealed that she’d seen Alistair give Noah a dose of medicine after they’d arrived in Melbourne Airport

Joanna had been overcome with guilt about Noah’s death and even suffered delusions and hallucinations about him after she was made to believe she’d killed him. Pictured: Alistair and Joanna realise the baby has died

Alistair also admitted that he took Joanna to the wrong spot of land pretending it was where Noah was buried (pictured), meaning she never got to say goodbye to him at his grave

Joanna managed to convince the jury that she was a grieving widow and mother and simply lost control of the car when Alistair died. Pictured: Joanna speaks in court

But he eventually came clean, telling her: ‘When we found him I was delirious, I forgot we gave him the medicine at the airport. I wanted to tell you.’

‘You have watched it destroy me. You’re a coward,’ a tearful Joanna fired back.   

Alistair also revealed that the spot where he claimed to have buried Noah wasn’t really the grave, and that Joanna hadn’t had the chance to say goodbye to her son at his final resting place. 

The show cut to Joanna taking the stand in court after Alistair’s ex Alexandra, his mother Elizabeth and her own friend Kirsty had all given statements in her defence.

The couple travelled from Scotland to Australia with their baby son Noah on a 24-hour journey that left the young mother at the end of her tether when the baby cried the whole way

Viewers have heaped praise on actress Jenna Coleman for her performance as grieving mother Joanna. Pictured: Coleman at a photocall for The Cry in Cannes, France earlier this month

Joanna said of the day he died: ‘I took my eyes off the road for a second and I missed a bend. My fiancé died, I lived. I lived, so I can tell the truth. 

‘I’m sorry I’ve been the cause of so much grief to Alistair’s family. When Noah left us Alistair and I we were devastated, broken. We had to try to rebuild our lives, what we went through brought out the best and worst in both of us. Where is my little boy? 

‘Whoever took my son from me made me think I had failed to protect him, made me think I was a bad mother. I was a good mother, I know I loved my son. I loved Alistair, you can judge me how you see fit you can punish me as you see fit.

‘I’ve already been to hell. I’ve lost my child, now I’ve lost Alistair. The only person who truly knew the truth of my pain.’

Joanna walked free from court after it was revealed that she deliberately killed her partner after finding out the truth.

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