‘The Inbetweeners’ Star Greg Davies To Lead BBC Remake Of German Comedy ‘Crime Scene Cleaner’

BBC One is going to remake a German comedy about a crime scene cleaner, with The Inbetweeners and Taskmaster star Greg Davies writing and starring.

Studio Hamburg Production Group’s Der Tatortreiniger (Crime Scene Cleaner) will be remade into a six-part series, centering on Paul ‘Wicky’ Wickstead who mops up crime scenes after the police have concluded their detective work.

As Wicky removes the gruesome mess, he stumbles across the strangest of people: from the victim’s relatives, employers, neighbors, and acquaintances, to occasionally even the murderers themselves. And because he’s a sociable type, he sometimes gossips more than he cleans.

Titled The Cleaner, it was originally created by Ingrid Lausund and will be made by Studio Hamburg UK. The executive producer for Studio Hamburg UK is Vivien Muller-Rommel. It was commissioned by Charlotte Moore, Shane Allen and Ben Caudell.

Allen said: “Greg has done a knockout job of repositioning this hit sitcom for the UK audience. Wicky is a thoroughly decent everyman whose differing work situation each week brims with comic flourishes and opportunities to test his moral fibre.”

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