The most popular summer-inspired baby names, from August to Sunny

Apparently, there’s a baby boom coming, after a drop in births during the early days of the pandemic.

This wave of quarantine babies is expected this summer and heading into autumn, as people clearly got extra busy when there was little else to do but stay indoors.

If you’re expecting a little one, why not mark the glorious season they were born (no, you can’t call them Harry Kane or Little Love Island).

The experts at were curious to uncover the most popular summer inspired baby names with the highest reported popularity, utilising the baby name website forebears.

There are some surprisingly popular names in there, including some you may not know are summery.

For example, ‘Kai’ – top of the boy’s list – is of Hawaiian origin and means ‘Sea’, making it the perfect summer name to be a constant reminder of the glistening waves in the sunshine.

Check out the full lists here:

Summer inspired girl names

As well as the approximate number bearing the name 

Summer inspired boy names

And approximate number bearing the name 

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