The Pricey 90210: Why Beverly Hills Why Remains The Most Expensive Zip Code

A house in Beverly Hills is a dream for many, but this dream certainly does not come cheap.

When the American teen drama ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ first aired in the 1990s, it introduced the world to a whole new dimension of Los Angeles. Of course, everyone knew the VIP status of Los Angeles, but people outside of California hardly knew that one zip code could be so starkly different. The entire world was reeling under a recession in 2008, but a few wealthy elites in Beverly Hills were strolling carelessly on the Rodeo Drive.

Even today, Beverly Hills real estate refuses to budge in the face of a pandemic. Property prices are soaring across California, and, as always, Los Angeles leads the trend. From Sunset Boulevard to Rodeo Drive, something intriguing fascinates the world’s richest to buy extravagant homes in Beverly Hills. One thing is for sure – 90210 is poised to remain the most famous ZIP code in the world.

The Enigma Behind Beverly Hills

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The United States is the third-largest country in the world, and there’s certainly no dearth of real estate. Still, small properties in a tiny neighborhood such as Beverly Hills command huge price tags. There must be a justification for the unbelievably expensive homes that line up on the small patch of land between Mulholland Drive to Santa Monica.

Of course, the Hollywood charm helps drive the prices higher every year. Every celebrity worth his salt wishes to own a piece of land in 90210. Beverly Hills is the epicenter of the star-studded Los Angeles, and you can easily spot A-list celebrities strolling down Sunset Boulevard.

With a median home price of $4.4 million, Beverly Hills ranks right at the top of most real estate listings. And why not? Renowned producers, Hollywood stars, industrial czars, fashionistas, and top corporate honchos call 90210 home. As long as the entertainment industry churns out multi-million dollar hits every year, Beverly Hills will remain the epicenter of hottest real estate in the world.

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Recently, Atherton has crowned the most expensive zip code in America, where the median home sale price is in the range of $6.6 million. Beverly Hills comes at a close second with a $4.4 million median home sale price. Not surprisingly, the state of California alone accounts for 67% of the most expensive American zip codes.

Massachusetts, Santa Barbara, and Greenwich are other notable entries on the most expensive zip codes. Despite a pandemic rocking the world’s economy, home prices remain on stratospheric levels in these zip codes.

Why The World Converges On Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is more than just a zip code – it is an institution. Hollywood glamor powers the 90210 enigma where palm-lined streets greet morning joggers and limited-edition Ferraris zoom past expensive fashion stores. Here, flashy Rolexes and hypercars are the norms. If there’s one place where rarefied real-estate defines your status, it is Beverly Hills.

The amount of glamor and fashion in Beverly Hills is unprecedented. Just think – even the humble fire hydrant is painted in bright silver color to exude the fashion power of 90210. Contrary to what most people think, Beverly Hills is not a neighborhood but an entire city. The place has its police force and mayor.

There are so many stars and celebrities in Beverly Hills that visitors can book dedicated celebrity-spotting tours to stroll around 90210. Who knows which movie star is soaking under the sun behind that perfectly trimmed hedge you just drove past.

Money is the oxygen that feeds Beverly Hills. The Golden Triangle from Wilshire Boulevard to Canon Drive boasts high-end shops and restaurants thronged by the who’s-who of the world. The crown jewel, Rodeo Drive, oozes unbridled luxury and is every shopaholic’s wet dream. Even window shopping or a stroll is enough to soak up the Beverly Hills vibe. Remember, ‘Pretty Woman’?

The Competition Of Beverly Hills

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Well, the ‘1%’ are known for their appetite for posh real estate. Likewise, 90210 faces serious competition from other zip codes right here in the USA. Recently, Santa Barbara (93108) and Belvedere (94920) replaced Beverly Hills as the country’s most expensive zip codes.

Beverly Hills didn’t get its namesake show for anything: the most expensive American ZIP codes during the coronavirus pandemic include the 90210 zip code of Beverly Hills. The Atherton (94027) region is also not far behind as many A-listers are grabbing hot real estate in the district.

New drool-worthy designer homes come up almost every day in Beverly Hills. Empty lots exchange hands in top-secret deals and are converted into fashionable homes. Still, the hunger for real estate in Beverly Hills seems to rage on as prized lots find new buyers from all across the globe. One walk down the Rodeo Drive, and all the hype around 90210 seems justified.

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