The Richest Woman In Asia: How Savitri Jindal Made Her $15.6 Billion Fortune

There are lots of insanely wealthy individuals in the world today. Many of these individuals are into various businesses as well as other ventures. As usual, every group of wealthy people will always have an individual who is the richest. There are many rich people in Asia, male and female alike but when talking about rich women in Asia, a page will be unable to accommodate the various names that fall under this category. So, we will narrow our focus to the most renowned, most important of this category. By the time you are done with this piece, you’d be familiar with the name Savitri Jindal and how she climbed up the ladder of success to become the richest woman in Asia.

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Who is Savitri Jindal?

Born in Tinsukia town, upper Assam, India on the 20th day of March 1950, Savitri Devi Jindal is an Indian businesswoman and politician. She was married to Om Prakash Jindal, a minister in the Haryana government and a member of the Haryana Vidhan Sabha legislative assembly until his death in a helicopter crash in 2005. Their union was blessed with 9 children. Upon the death of her husband, she took over as the chairperson of Jindal Group, the steel and power conglomerate he founded.

His business was not the only shoe of her husband that Savitri had to step into, in 2005, she contested and won the election as a minister in the Haryana government and a member of the Haryana Vidhan Sabha legislative assembly representing Hisar constituency, a position her husband previously held. Savitri Jindal is a pleasant and reserved lady who devotes her life to upholding the art of simplicity and cultural importance. Today, because of the many things she has ventured into as a woman of value, she has a revered reputation for being the richest woman in India and Asia as a whole.

Now that we are familiar with the person of Savitri Jindal, it is time to take a look at the things she did that made her the richest woman in Asia and one of the richest women in the world. Sit tight for you’re about to find out some interesting things!

Jindal Group And Other Businesses

As stated above, Savitri’s husband, Om Prakash Jindal founded Jindal group in 1952, a steel and power conglomerate that he chaired until his death in 2005. This conglomerate has a lot of companies it oversees including Jindal Steel and Power Ltd., Jindal Stainless (Hisar) Ltd., Jindal Saw Ltd., and Jindal Stainless Ltd. These four (4) arms of the conglomerate are managed by the Jindal’s four sons. Upon Om Prakash’s death, Savitri took up the role of chairperson of the group which was already a successful business. At that time, only a handful of women in India have been able to successfully step out of their domestic boundaries to take over their family businesses and lead them to greater heights. Although Jindal Group was already a flourishing conglomerate that was raking in great profits globally, Savitri was able to take the business to greater heights by quadrupling its revenue within a short while. While her efforts at making the family business greater helped the business a lot, she also benefitted greatly from it as her net worth greatly increased due to this.

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Politics And Lawmaking

Aside from being an astute businesswoman and entrepreneur, Savitri Jindal is also an experienced politician who has served the government and the people of India in various capacities under the Indian National Congress party. In 2005, as stated earlier in this article, she contested to become a member of the Haryana Vidhan Sabha legislative assembly representing the Hisar constituency. She won the election in 2005 and was reelected in 2009. She also served as the minister of Power until 2010. In the previous cabinet before her election, Savitri had served as the Minister of State for Revenue and Disaster Management, Consolidation, Rehabilitation, and Housing and also the Minister of State for Urban Local Bodies and Housing.

Due to her great antecedents, on the 29th day of October 2013, Savitri was appointed as the cabinet minister in the Haryana Government.

Savitri’s Impressive Shareholding Portfolio

Being the chairperson of one of the biggest businesses in India has never stopped Savitri Jindal from aiming to expand her reach especially when she doesn’t involve herself so much with business dealings anymore. These days Savitri spends a great deal of her time attending to public service and social activities. However, she still has an impressive shareholding portfolio that rakes in a great deal of profit for her, thereby helping to maintain and boost her net worth.

Apart from the stake she holds in all of Jindal Group’s businesses, Savitri also holds stakes in various companies including Nalwa Sons Investments Ltd., Shalimar Paints Ltd., Hexa Tradex Ltd., JITF Infralogistics Ltd., JSW Holdings Ltd., and JSW Steel Ltd. Isn’t that impressive? Many of these stakes and the profits she earned from them contributed to her net worth. In 2021 alone, her net worth almost tripled from about $4 billion due to the profits that were streaming in from these numerous ventures.

Well, when you are asked about Savitri Devi Jindal and how she was able to make so much money, we hope we have been able to provide insightful answers for you.

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