The see-through jigsaw puzzle everyone is talking about that’ll solve self-isolation boredom woes

As if life in isolation and trying to find your next Netflix series wasn’t frustrating enough at times, how about throwing in a see-through jigsaw puzzle and making things even more confusing?

Yes, there’s a puzzle attracting the attention of many a bored isolator and if you fancy giving it a crack, then we must warn you that it might require hours of concentration, snacks, and a few missed series of your favourite show to get to the bottom of it.

The see-through puzzle means you piece it together based on matching the pieces up, as opposed to building a pattern.

All the commotion began as a shop on Etsy, named LittleFlowerPotShop, introduced not one, not two, but four different versions of the clear puzzle to choose from, all as head scratch worthy as the next.

For the see-through puzzle amateurs, why not start off with a puzzle with just nine pieces? Then, as you start to become more of a pro you can move onto the 25 piece puzzle.

There’s even a hard version (as if a see-through puzzle wasn’t hard enough), consisting of 49 pieces and then an extreme version which is made up of 144 tiny see-through pieces. Wow.

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Whilst there are a range of things you could get up to in isolation, from making McDonald's famous Sausage and Egg McMuffin, to trying out the ‘quarantine pillow challenge,’ if you’re set on giving this jigsaw puzzle a go then you’re one very patient person indeed.

Prices began for the puzzles at £14.33, and on top of this, it costs £11.63 extra to have it shipped internationally to the UK.

The hardest two puzzles of the batch have actually sold out, so it seems people really are getting involved. However, there is a view to getting them back in stock for April. Hurrah!

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One person, clearly a puzzle pro, commented on the Etsy site: “The puzzle is well made, we got the "okay" one because we were worried that it might be too difficult. I think it took her around half an hour to complete and she wishes that she'd opted for the harder one. But this was a great purchase!! Thanks so much!”

Another said: “There are some very clever tricks in the design that will definitely surprise and delight anyone who likes puzzles.”

A third mused: “Very fun and tricky! I’m about half done with the 144 piece puzzle. Love it!”

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If you think all of this sounds too easy, then you could try your hand at a puzzle which looks like a headache in a box.

Enter the Japanese ‘Hell’ puzzle, which boasts two kinds – one featuring 1,000 pieces and one with 2,000 pieces to play around with.

Whichever you choose, this puzzle from the Beverly Japan company, is sure to keep you accompanied for the duration of lockdown, and the rest.

Get puzzling!

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