The summer travel you need according to your star sign

Summer isn’t quite cancelled, though a lot is still up in the air.

Whether you’re playing it safe by staying in the UK, or are booking a flight pronto, your star sign might influence the kind of trips you favour.

While Taurus’ want luxury, Pisces’ will be happy camping it out.

Revealing what type of traveller each star sign is, Foxy Bingo and astrologer Lisa Stardust have shared what will make for the ideal trip depending on when you were born.

Summer travel inspo here we come.

Aries: The independent traveller  

Ever the explorer, Aries will enjoy some time alone seeing all sights that Scotland has to offer.

With Ben Nevis, Inveraray Castle and the Falkirk Wheel, there’s plenty of opportunity for the perfect Instagram post.

Lisa says: ‘As the most passionate sign of the zodiac, Aries will want to travel solo around the world on a budget, while documenting all the seven wonders of the world on Instagram.

‘They’ll have the vigour to make new friends as they explore and see the wonderful places they’ve dreamed of.’

Taurus: The indulgent traveller 

A sign known for being romantic and all about luxury, try capital cities like London or places known for being picturesque.

‘Tauruses are extremely indulgent, which is why they’ll want to travel first or business class where possible, and head to beautiful beach destinations like the south of France with their romantic partner or lover.

‘Their only necessity is to keep the champagne flowing and five-star courses available,’ Lisa says.

Gemini: The connected traveller 

Until Paris is back on the cards, Geminis can try York with Leeds close by and the countryside.

‘Being a dualistic sign, Geminis like to experience the juxtaposition of the country and the flair of big city life when travelling with their ride or die BFF.

‘Paris is an amazing place to visit once international travel is allowed, as the countryside is a short train ride out of the bustling city giving you both in one trip,’ Lisa says.

Cancer: The family traveller 

Cornwall is an ideal for Cancerians who want to travel with family, what with all the beaches and historical sites to visit.  

‘One of the most sensitive zodiac signs, Cancerians will ideally travel with their family and spend time bonding over fun games and quality time.’

Leo: The self-serving traveller 

Liverpool is ideal for Leos with both cat cafes and some of the best bars for karaoke where they can be the centre of attention all holiday.

Lisa says: ‘The lion will be inspired while walking the brightly lit streets with their significant other, singing karaoke, taking selfies in cat cafes, and any activity that will keep the focus on them.’

Virgo: The sophisticated traveller 

Virgos should try the coastal city of Brighton. There’s the perfect balance of things to do by the sea or further into town.

But Lisa says they also will do well in Morocco: ‘Virgos are known for their sophisticated taste, which is why a trip to Morocco at an all-inclusive hotel is perfect for them. As long as they’re with their loved ones, they’ll have a great time travelling.’

Libra: The on-trend traveller 

Libras are all about style – so they need somewhere with fancy places to dine and dance.

‘Known to adore the good life, Libras like to make reservations at the swankiest restaurants in big cities and hit up all the local shops to purchase one-of-a-kind items.

‘Libras will also book the sleekest and trendiest hotels to stay while often travelling with their partner,’ says Lisa. 

Scorpio: The exclusive traveller 

For Scorpios who need to relax, try visiting locations like Bath, or the Lake District for a quieter, self-indulgent and independent holiday.  

‘A spa retreat is the ideal spot for Scorpio to relax while on holiday. If possible, they’ll want to go away on their own to reap the benefits of detoxing and decompressing.

‘This can help to fully regenerate a Scorpio’s body, mind, and spirit,’ Lisa says. 

Sagittarius: The free-spirited traveller 

Wales would be ideal for this fire sign, as they can get lost in long walks in Snowdonia National Park, enjoy hidden valleys and glacial lakes all in one place.  

Lisa says: ‘Sagittariuses don’t necessarily have a place in mind when they travel, as they are the wanderers of the zodiac.

‘All they need is their backpacks, passport, cameras, and a pack of stamps to send postcards to friends and family as they are known free spirits.’

Capricorn: The bougie traveller 

Capricorns like to stay somewhere upmarket – the hotel might be the deal breaker when looking for a place to travel to, so they’ll get to get organised in advanced.

‘Capricorns go first class all the way and want to fly solo as they revel in time alone to decompress.

‘The sea-goat will stay in five-star hotels, indulging in room service and the mini bar – they work hard, and therefore must play hard,’ Lisa says. 

Aquarius: The bohemian traveller 

Aquarians want a holiday that’s fun, so book into a festival and get ready to roll in the mud.

‘Aquarians are totally cool with roughing it at musical festivals, as long as they are surrounded by their besties.

‘They’ll opt to stay in an inexpensive motel off the grid or in their RV rental – if they’re traveling with their squad and making memories, they’re happy,’ Lisa says.

Pisces: The gregarious traveller 

Devon has some of the best glamping sites, so Pisces can enjoy both the sandy beaches or more remote woodland areas.

‘Mystical Pisces likes to take a bohemian vacation, but with a twist.

‘Glamping is ideal for Pisces, who will hit the coast and set up their tents by the beach shore with their entourage of friends,’ Lisa says.

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