There Are SO Many Clues That Amber & Barnett Are Still Together After ‘Love Is Blind’

Spoilers ahead for Episodes 1-9 of Love is Blind Season 1. Though we’ve yet to see if Amber and Barnett walk down Love Is Blind‘s aisle, their Instagrams are full of not-so-subtle clues that their relationship survives this wild experiment. Exhibit A: they both shared pictures in Italy around the same time, and they both traveled around Europe last year.

Their pictures and countries don’t line up exactly, date-wise, but they probably did that intentionally to prevent spoilers. Within the same two weeks, they each shared pictures from Venice, as well as posted a selfie by Rome’s Colosseum with captions referencing Gladiator. "Are you not entertained," reads Barnett’s caption, while Amber wrote, "The inspiration for my all time favorite movie #TheGladiator #AreYouNotEntertained."

Exhibit B: On March 9, 2019, Barnett shared a post from Augusta, Georgia, which is where Amber is from. His caption is vaguely sentimental, which could’ve been inspired by his relationship. "Life can be crazy and hectic at times. When you are so used to going and going, it is nice to take a moment and take it all in," he wrote. "You never know what tomorrow may bring, so learn to love today."

Exhibit C: They both went to Atlanta’s Dragon Con in 2019.

And exhibit D: they’re both surprised at how well the experiment worked. "I didn’t think I was actually going to catch feelings for anybody," Amber tells Bustle. "It started off being really fun and light and flirty, and then I realized that I actually was making a connection and it got a lot more intense."

For Barnett, that happened with three women — Amber, Jessica, and LC. "The stuff that I was feeling in the pods were feelings and emotions that I had never felt with any of my past relationships, and it ended up being with multiple people at one point," he said. But Amber stood out. "I think it’s a process we were kind of both taking for granted in the beginning and then it just kind of like, wow, this is a real deal," Amber says.

In fact, if it they hadn’t met on the show, the two don’t think they ever would have advanced past something casual. "We talked about this before… [that] if we had met each other on the street, we might have had like a fun fling, but it never would have developed into anything," Barnett tells Bustle. Adds Amber: "Had it been us in person, honestly, we’re so ridiculous together [that] we probably would have spent the entire time just goofing around."

From the looks of their Instagrams, they’ve made up for it with plenty of adventures since then.

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