There’s A Good Chance You’ll See Leo & His Glorious Hair On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Despite Becca’s rocky journey on The Bachelor, her time as the Bachelorette has brought several worthy suitors to the forefront, one of whom is Leo and his fantastic mane of hair. But just in case his journey with Becca comes to a close, fans will likely be wondering if Leo will be on Bachelor in Paradise. After all, fan favorites often end up on the beach in Mexico looking for another shot at love. Warning: BIP spoilers ahead. Turn back now while you still can!

Leo has chosen to make his mark in the Bachelor franchise in a very subtle way. Typically, those who go on to further Bachelor fame have gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to getting the attention of fans — sometimes even framing themselves in a negative light. For instance, Krystal Nielson from Arie’s Bachelor season ended up portraying the so-called "villain" arc that year. So naturally, it made sense for her to be cast in Bachelor of Paradise. Her flair for the dramatic is sure to be a ratings goldmine. However, Leo’s popularity stems not from drama, but from the fact that he’s basically remained so chill throughout this entire process. It’s impossible not to instantly like the guy, even if he ends up not being the one for Becca.

Thankfully, it seems as though the producers of the franchise agree, because Bachelor spoiler extraordinaire Reality Steve has reported that Leo will be part of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 cast. Of course, he wasn’t announced in the official cast announcement, since that would’ve completely spoiled his pending elimination during Becca’s current Bachelorette season. It’s unfortunate that things don’t end up working out between the two of them, but it’s hard to deny the excitement you feel, knowing that Leo’s time on the small screen is far from over.

As of now it’s unclear whether or not he ends up finding love during his time in Paradise, but given how far he’s come in Becca’s season, it seems like he has a good chance of finding a match on BIP. Leo has proven to be a decent, genuine guy from the very beginning who legitimately wants to find love if it comes his way. He doesn’t sweat the small stuff or get swept up in all the drama that gravitates toward suitors during this type of dating show. That’s probably why Becca has wanted to keep him around for so long. He’s grounded and remains true to himself no matter what. Anyone would be lucky to find themselves on a date with him in Paradise. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Leo flaunt his merman hair on the beach?

Leo’s social media has given very little indication of when his time on The Bachelorette will come to an end. But considering we’re more than halfway through with the season, it has to be fairly soon, so that he can make his way over to Paradise. However, given all of his posts about his time on the show, it’s safe to say that it was an overall positive experience for him. Hopefully that means that he and Becca part on good terms.

Regardless, it won’t be long now until he’s back on our television screens once more. Maybe we’ll even get to see more of him in a man bun, which will make Season 5 more than worth watching. Not everyone ends up finding love in Paradise, but if anyone deserves it, it’s Leo. Fans will just have to tune in and find out how his journey concludes.

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