These are apparently the best cities in Europe for solo female travel

Looking to plot out your next solo travel adventure?

According to, 84% of those who travel solo are women.

On top of that, 55% of Google searches for ‘solo travel’ can be attributed to women.

If you want to count yourself among the number of lone lady wanderlusters you’re in luck, because we’ve got a list of top-tier cities that are especially female-friendly.

Bag and luggage brand Kipling has created a ‘female travel index for Europe’, listing the top 20 cities great for women travelling alone.

The list takes into consideration things like the global gender [equality] gap, attractions, group activities, and, of course, female safety.

They started with cities that showed up in the Euromonitor 2019 top 100 cities by the number of tourists/airport(s) listed among the busiest.

They also based their rankings on factors like the Safety Index and Global Gender Gap, as well as what attractions, group activities, hostels, and transport costs there are in each city.

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