This Harry Potter-inspired dance routine is *magical*

Voldemort’s got MOVES! High school dance team earns viral fame after performing a truly magical Harry Potter-inspired routine that has been viewed over FOUR MILLION times

  • The PAC Dance Team at Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita, Arizona put on a show at their annual homecoming assembly
  • It was choreographed by their coach, Kristi Lopez
  • It was inspired by the Harry Potter books and films and included Potter set pieces, costumes, and props like wands and broomsticks
  • The music — which included tracks by Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj — also had soundbites from the movies 

An Arizona high school dance team has charmed (ahem) millions with their truly magical Harry Potter-inspired dance performance — and Fleur Delacour would be relieved to know that it’s not to the tune of any Celestina Warbeck hits.

Last month, the PAC Dance Team and Advanced Dance at Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita, Arizona put on quite a show at their annual homecoming assembly.

The large dance troupe performed a six-and-a-half minute act inspired by the Harry Potter universe, complete with costumes, set pieces, props — and, unexpectedly enough, hits by Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj.

They’re avada kedavra-ing it! A dance team at Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita, Arizona has gone viral for a Harry Potter-themed routine

Accio friends! The students perform several highlights, from Harry getting his Hogwarts letter to his meeting Ron and Hermione 

Inspired: Several of the dancers dressed up as specific characters, while the rest wore robes

The group performed the routine at a homecoming assembly in September while classmates watched with rapt attention.

It was choreographed by their coach, Kristi Lopez.

As the piece opens, a dancer playing Harry Potter sits in a small nook under a set of white stairs, which is on wheels in the middle of the gym floor.

Dialogue from the first Potter films plays, as Hagrid tells the then 11-year-old he is a wizard, and he reads his letter from Hogwarts.

As the famous song from the opening of the films plays, dancers dressed as Ron and Hermione come to get him, and the stairs are whisked off the gym floor.

More dancers, all dressed in Hogwarts robes, come out. They dance by with a cut-out piece of the Hogwarts Express and then twirl out onto the floor.

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Plenty of courage, I see… The students dance around while acting out scenes like Harry’s sorting

Not Slytherin! The epic video has been viewed over 4 million times so far

Magic moves: Part of the dance is inspired by Harry’s first flying lesson, and is done to the tune of DJ Turn It Up by Yellow Claw

They surround Harry, dancing, as he places the Sorting Hat on his head and gets sorted into Gryffindor.

That’s when the first hit places: My House by Flo Rida. The song is blasted across the gym as the group performs in celebration of Harry getting to Hogwarts.

They move on to a flying lesson, using brooms as props and performing to DJ Turn It Up by Yellow Claw.

Next is a quick Charms lesson in Wingardium Leviosa, before Malfoy challenges Harry to a duel — and Harry casts a Patronus.

The group dances as Harry’s spell from Prisoner of Azkaban — a yelled ‘Expecto Patronum!’ — is turned into a techno song. 

Telling a story: They also have a quick Charms lesson in Wingardium Leviosa, before Malfoy challenges Harry to a duel

Flying! Throughout the performance, recordings of dialogue from the movie play, like the ‘swish and flick’ required for doing the Wingardium Leviosa charm

The baddest! Voldemort comes out dancing to a Nicki Minaj song

Finale: They finish off performing the final battle sequence

Fast forward through the story some more and Voldemort makes an appearance, with a dancer wearing a Voldemort-esque mask — and busting a move to Chun Li by Nicki Minaj. 

The end of the books and last film play out, with Harry defeating Voldemort once and for all as his fellow students dance battle around them.

The charming video of the dance routine has quickly gone viral, earning 4.3 million views and counting.

It’s not the group’s first viral video, either. Last year at homecoming, they performed another routine inspired by The Wizard of Oz, which has racked up 3.2 million views.

And in 2016, their Pixar-inspired routine also earned over 3 million views.
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