This is 'the only sleep mask you'll ever need' according to shoppers

This is ‘the only sleep mask you’ll ever need’ for an AMAZING night’s sleep according to Amazon shoppers – it even has built-in headphones

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If you wake up frequently in the night, blocking out light and noise could give you the comfort you need to sleep deeper and for longer.

And now there’s no need to use separate eye masks and earplugs or worry about earplugs coming loose in the middle of the night with the LC-dolida Eye Mask.

Not only are Bluetooth wireless headphones built into the band so you can create a relaxing soundtrack to help you drift off, but it also blocks out 100 per cent of light, according to the brand.

This eye mask blocks out light and and reduces t surrounding noise without using painful sleep earplugs.

The ergonomically designed mask has wider and deeper eye space than traditional sleep mask, which will not put pressure on your eyeballs and feels super comfortable. The unique nose contour design doesn’t allow any light through.

Travel without any distractions by using the LC-dolida Eye Mask to block out all noises of passengers and engines

It can also be used to help with meditation, allowing you to create a peaceful space that enables you to block out distractions and destress. And if you’re flying, the mask is great for helping you drift off to sleep while you travel, too.

Hailed as ‘the only sleep mask you’ll ever need’, more than 8,700 Amazon shoppers have rated the LC-dolida Eye Mask a full five out of five, with reviewers praising the mask’s comfort, sound quality and the difference it’s made to their sleep.

‘I initially bought this mask for me to help me sleep,’ one five-star reviewer explained. ‘I’m a light sleeper, so super sensitive to noises (like snoring).

‘Had the mask only three days, and it’s been the nest three nights sleep ever. Coupled with a white noise app, this mask is amazing. So highly recommend it!!’

Another added: ‘This mask is so soft and comfortable. I have tinnitus and cannot fall asleep without it. The sound quality is excellent, and I can not be without it. I have bought similar masks, but this is definitely the best.’

The unique design of the eye mask relieves pressure from the eyes, feels breathable and fits the nose so no light escapes in

Shoppers also like how the contoured design doesn’t feel restrictive or tight and gives them room to breathe.

Made from premium grade cotton and soft memory foam, the LC-dolida Eye Mask feels luxurious when you slip it on your face.

You never have to worry about the battery running out as two hours of charging will give you enough power for 10 hours of music playback, which is especially useful if you’re travelling.

You can even choose from nine different colours with options including brighter coloured pink and blue as well as neutral tones like grey or black. 

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