This Is Us: Jack and Rebecca's Epic Love Story Might Be the Greatest of Them All

This Is Us: Jack and Rebecca’s Epic Love Story Might Be the Greatest of Them All

There have been many couples on TV that changed romance for all of us. Monica and Chandler from Friends, Carrie and Big from Sex and the City, and Meredith and Derek from Grey’s Anatomy all come to mind. While This Is Us has given us a few couples that are worthy of “One True Pairing” status, Jack and Rebecca Pearson have truly earned their spot in the Hall of Fame, right from the very beginning. How could we not fall in love with them when they’re so perfect for each other? The way they always stand by one another through the hard times and obviously care about each other is remarkable. And it’s ruined all of our future relationships, to be quite honest.

Though their relationship does have a tragic ending, there’s still more of their love story set to play out on screen. With each season, This Is Us reveals more about their romance, and we get to learn more about what makes them such an amazing pair. In honor of their iconic romance, we’ve created a chronological timeline from their first meeting to their final moment together. Grab a tissue and read on — this will probably make you cry.

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