This is what 63 looks like

This is what 63 looks like: Grandmother says DIY boxing workouts and anti-stress oils keep her youthful

  • Karen Horsley, 63, who lives in York, runs a natural skincare company
  • Grandmother stays fit using Davina McCall’s DVD, Power Box And Tone
  • She keeps stress at bay by using her Asakuki 300 ml Essential Oil Diffuser

Karen Horsley lives in York and runs a natural skincare company. She has a partner called Mike, and two daughters, Louise, 38, and Sarah, 36, plus three grandchildren, Alfie and Matilda, both five, and Henry, four. 


At 57, I was due to retire as an NHS biomedical scientist. The menopause had made my skin dry and irritated. I experimented with oils at home — and found a formula that miraculously improved my skin. My daughter Sarah said: ‘Mum, you’ve got to let other people try this!’ so we launched Clockface Beauty in 2018. It has given me a renewed sense of purpose.


I love at-home workouts, as I can fit them into my busy schedule. I use Davina McCall’s DVD, Power Box And Tone (£5.99, Amazon Prime). I’m a big fan of boxing, as it has helped tone my upper arms. Plus, she has different levels so it’s accessible for all ages.

Karen Horsley, 63, (pictured) who lives in York, revealed how she maintains her ageless appearance


As I’ve got older, my hair has become dry and brittle. I also get my grey roots dyed blonde every six weeks, which can strip away more moisture. So I use hydrating Argan oil. My favourite product is Argan Magic Shampoo and Conditioner (£19.99 for set, TK Maxx), which leaves my hair soft and shiny.


I use my Asakuki 300 ml Essential Oil Diffuser (£24.99, every evening and in our office to keep stress at bay. Smell is so powerful when it comes to relaxation and I’ve been making my own blends for years. I use Bergamot, Rosemary and Sweet Orange in a range of calming scents.


My daughter, Sarah, is a stylist, so she’s my fashion guru. When I worked at the hospital, I would dress plainly, but Sarah encouraged me to push the style envelope. I didn’t think I could wear something like a Mint Velvet leopard print dress, but now I think: ‘Yeah, you can wear that!’ I feel much more confident.


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