This Lifetime Movie Is Basically ‘Taken,’ But With A Badass Female Lead

There’s nothing better than canceled plans on a Saturday night. It means you can lounge on the couch in pajamas and lose yourself in some ridiculously dramatic movie. Because, let’s face it, you really didn’t want to do anything in the first place. Luckily for you, Lifetime has another high-thrill kidnapping flick on the docket, and though A Mother’s Worst Fear isn’t based on a true story, the premise is no less juicy.

According to the film’s plot synopsis, Alice (Katrina Begin) is a former hostage negotiator who wants to step away from her high-pressure job and spend more time with her family. Of course, that alone would be too tame for Lifetime, and that plan is forced off-track when her daughter Maddy (Lily Delamere) is mysteriously abducted without a trace. Though her captors don’t request any ransom money, Alice’s career skills soon lead her to discover that the kidnapper (David Chokachi) has beef with her husband Brent (Joey Lawrence) and his plans for Maddie are probably deadly.

This would be a terrifying situation for any mom, but it’s probably Alice’s worst nightmare because she knows exactly how dangerous this situation can get. But, this story will likely end with a final, fatal showdown for the antagonist, because that’s basically the unofficial law of Lifetime movies, and because no one likes to see the bad guy win. Besides, there’s no room for idle negotiation when there’s entertaining drama to be had!

Sadly, there’s no trailer to give more context to the story, but there are a couple of big questions that need answers. What did Brent do to get in the crosshairs of such a deadly enemy? Perhaps he had a secret life of crime prior to getting married and now the kidnapper wants to even the score by killing his daughter. Or, he could be a former friend or co-worker who is obsessed with Brent’s life and wants to see him suffer.

Both scenarios are pretty plausible for a Lifetime flick, and might be true if Brent turns out to be seedy. Either way, this kidnapper probably underestimated the power of a mom who will do anything to protect her daughter. And, he messed with the wrong woman: She’s got the expert knowledge to track him down and get the upper hand. Will Alice find him and kill him to end this hostage situation for good? If the story adheres to the strong Liam Neeson in Taken vibes it’s giving off, then absolutely.

No matter what happens, you can fully enjoy the drama without any guilt because it is purely fictional, even if it sounds like something that could happen in real life. Plus, it definitely sounds like an action-packed tale that will have you glued to the TV screen the whole night. So, seclude yourself in the house, grab your usual spot on the couch, tune into Lifetime, and try to keep up with Alice’s unexpected quest to stop a malevolent kidnapper from exacting revenge on her family.

A Mother’s Worst Fear premieres Oct. 5.

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