This mum sleeps NAKED with her 16-year-old son… and wants to know if it's 'wrong'

A MUM who still sleeps NAKED in a bed with her 16-year-old son has been criticised online, after taking to Quora to ask if it’s wrong.

Dozens of people have commented on the thread, with many questioning why the woman doesn’t invest in some pyjamas – and others asking why they need to share a room at all.

In the UK, 16 is the age at which someone can legally have sex – and concerns the strange sleeping arrangement could lead to an incestuous relationship have also been raised.

Shannon Giles said: “From a US perspective it's pretty f***ed up (other cultures may view the issue differently).

“If your son were to casually mention to someone (friend, teacher, relative) that you and he share a bed and that you also are naked this person could potentially cause a LOT of legal issues for you.

“The Child Protection Agency wouldn't think it was harmless, nor would a judge, nor any psychiatrist.

“You could possibly be arrested for child indecency and put into prison and be forced to register as a sex offender.

“Even if it's not a sexual act – is it really worth all that? Just put some damn jammies on or sleep in separate rooms.

“Also, please take your teenager’s feelings into consideration. You wanting to sleep naked in the bed with him could scar him for life.”

Chic Mendoza agreed, adding: “I think you're 9 years (or so) too late in asking this question.

“I hope he grows up to be a fine young man! Don’t distort his values!… Please put clothes on.”

Christopher Richards questioned why the mum had to sleep in the same bed as a child over the age of 10, and pondered whether the boy had health issues.

He also proposed the idea of two single beds, if separate rooms are not an option for the family.

Christopher added: “It does appear to have over-tones of incest.”

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While Christopher Sharp joked: “It depends, is he naked too?

“Did you raise him in a nudist colony? Are you from a small African tribe where no one wears clothes?

“Is there anyone else in the bed with you? Are you homeless? Are there any illegal drugs involved?”

And Ropes Aberque added: “(It’s not wrong) if you don't mind the term ‘Sexual Predator’ with a description that states ‘female paedophile w/ aggravated incest 16 & under’ under your name, picture, address and place of employment on the Sex Offender Registry and on your Driver’s License for rest of your life.

“And don't mind losing your family, your job, your home, your dignity and anyone who ever considered you a friend, then sure go ahead.”

Michael McIntyre said: “I am picturing all the times I have woken from some half remembered dream to find myself humping whatever was handy.

“The bed, the comforter, and sometimes even the woman in bed with me. Now I put my mother into this picture, naked.

“In summary, I hope you’re just a troll. If you’re not, your kid is on the road to being even more screwed up than I am, and that’s really saying something.”

And Mohamed Semeunacte said: “Put yourself in his head and body: hormones are all over the place and this naked body next to me…

“I want it… Oh wait it's my mother, I'm a horrible person!”

Some people found the idea so repulsive that they questioned if it had been made up as a joke.

While others felt there would have been a harsher reaction if a dad had been sleeping with his daughter in this way.

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