This popular European destination has banned wheelie suitcases

Whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan, or simply there for the sunshine, Dubrovnik is a favourite tourist destination.

But, if you’re heading to the Croatian city this summer, you might want to think about packing light.

Thanks to new rules, visitors to Dubrovnik’s Old Town, are banned from dragging wheeled suitcases around it’s winding roads – meaning you’ll have no choice but to carry your bags instead.

The new policy was introduced by the city’s mayor, Mato Franković, who said it’s an attempt to curb noise pollution, after local residents were fed up of being woken up in the night to the sound of travellers bumping their suitcases along the cobbled streets.

And, those caught wheeling their suitcases could be handed a rather hefty £228 (€265) fine. Ouch.

In fact, according to the mayor, these rules are ‘just the beginning.’

From November, the local government is hoping they can get rid of suitcases in Dubrovnik all together, introducing a system where bags will be deposited outside the city, and transported to guest accommodation by courier. It sounds boujee – and potentially, quite expensive.

But, until those plans are in place, there doesn’t seem to be any interim plan in place for those who are less able, and unable to carry their luggage themselves.

Tourists have also been urged not to walk pets without a lead, not to climb on monuments or to walk around without wearing a shirt, as a way to show ‘respect’ to the city.

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