Three surprising cleaning hacks that will make your bathroom glisten

It's amazing what you can clean your bathroom with. No, really. All you need is a denture tablet to make your sink all glimmering and white.

At least that's what thesouvenirwhisperer recently said when revealing some super easy cleaning hacks that could change the way you clean forever. In a handy video made for its Instagram platform, they revealed three top hacks to clean your bathroom easily and with very little fuss.

All you need is a few every day products and some cleaning essentials to give the tips a go, and you won't even need to scrub the sink to get it squeaky clean with this one particularly clever hack. Here are three cleaning hacks that will help to get your bathroom looking pristine.

1. The secret power of denture tablets

The video tutorial says denture tablets are the secret to a wonderfully white sink. If you soak them in the sink it's said they will work to whiten the sink without the need to scrub the area down.

2. Fill your dish wand with these super products

Another piece of advice is to fill a dish wand with white vinegar, dish soap and a dash of tea tree oil. When combined the ingredients are said to fight against soap scum, and will make a big difference to your shower when giving it a clean.

3. Put the same mixture in a spray mop

What's better is you can use the same mixture to scrub down your bathroom tiles. The video tutorial says if you put the same mixture into a spray mop it makes it super easy to clean down tiles in the shower, and it leaves them glistening.

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