Tim Tebow Is Taking on Another Career — Executive Producer! See Trailer for His First Feature Film

Tim Tebow has a done a lot in his 31 years.

The former NFL quarterback famously switched from football to baseball. He works as a sports commentator and is a bestselling author. He also helms his own charity, the Tim Tebow Foundation. Last February, the foundation threw its fourth successful Night to Shine, a worldwide prom for people with special needs.

But now, Tebow is adding another venture to his already-full slate: he has executive produced a full-length feature film.

Run the Race follows the story of two desperate brothers — Zach and David — who search for a brighter future through sports. Zach is an All-State football player hoping to earn a college scholarship. When a devastating injury puts him on the sidelines, David laces up his track cleats in an attempt to salvage their future.

The film stars Mykelti Williamson, Frances Fisher, Tanner Stine, and Evan Hofer. In addition to Tebow, executive producers include Bill Reeves and Robby Tebow.

Tebow, a devout Christian, says that the themes of the movie are common to everyone regardless of their faith. “I wanted to be part of something that’s encouraging and inspirational to the viewer,” he says. “Run the Race accomplishes this by showing two brothers struggling with real life, but them getting through it by supporting each other and their faith. I hope those who see it can walk away with more faith, hope, and love.”

It’s not surprising that Tebow has branched out, again. “I’m always looking for opportunities to inspire other people,” he tells PEOPLE. “Everyone should do something bigger than themselves, and reach for things that might seem impossible. For me, it can be different things. Sometimes it may be sports; sometimes it may be my book, This Is the DayI try not to close any doors.”

Tebow, who recently disclosed that he’s dating former Miss Universe Demi Leigh Nel-Peters, is recovering from an injury to his hand and hopes to return to baseball next season.

And he tells PEOPLE that he’s open to new opportunities. “I’m just so blessed,” he says. “I’ve got a lot to be thankful for.”

Run the Race hits theaters on February 22.

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