Tiny Refusing To See T.I. For 4th Of July — What She’ll Do Instead

After T.I. set off another round of fireworks in his marriage by slapping the butt of another woman, it’s no surprise we’ve heard that Tiny will ‘declare her independence’ and not spend July 4th with her husband.

Four score and seven years ago…was about the last time it seems T.I., 37, was faithful to his wife, Tameka “TinyCottle/Harris, 42. A whole new “revolutionary war” has broken out between these two, following the revelation that T.I. put his hands on the backside of another woman. A house divided cannot stand, but it seems on this coming Fourth of July, T.I. will have to celebrate by himself. “Tiny is refusing to see T.I. for the 4th,” a friend of Tiny’s tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “He tried to get her to agree to spend it with him and she shot him down.”

“She’s reclaiming her time and space,” the insider adds. “He messed up and didn’t value her and she is not even close to forgiving him.” So, while T.I. lights a few sparklers with his kids, what will Tiny be up to? “Her plan is to spend her time with her girlfriends and she’s also very busy preparing for her upcoming show with Xscpae. They’re performing Saturday night at Essence Fest in New Orleans. Tiny’s putting her focus on getting ready for their show and trying to push T.I. and all their problems out of her mind.”

T.I. blew up his marriage – again – when he was caught slapping the backside of Asia’h Epperson. Since then, Tiny has asked that T.I. sleep elsewhere, kicking him out of their home. “Now they are living separately, everything has fallen apart,” an insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.com. If that wasn’t enough, Tiny unfollowed T.I. on Instagram, as she can’t even look at pictures of him. While T.I. was “hurt” by this move, the “Whatever You Like” rapper is trying to play it cool and not escalate the tensions between him and Tameka. After all, the only “red glare” that Tiny wants this Fourth is from the “bombs bursting in air,” and not from the eyes of his furious wife.

Though, is this just a moment before Tiny really declares her independence from T.I. – aka restarts her divorce proceedings? Tiny’s friend and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is encouraging Tiny to “bite the bullet” and dump Tip like he was a crate of Earl Grey during the Boston Tea Party. Well, those weren’t her exact worlds, but a source says Kandi thinks Tiny should set an example for her daughter, Heiress. “She needs to set an example for her daughter growing up, so she won’t allow herself to be treated like a doormat when she grows up and gets married one day.”

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