Tracey Cox reveals her hot holiday sex guide

Are YOU in need of a ‘horny holiday’? Tracey Cox reveals how to turn even a damp mini break sizzling hot by packing a wooden spoon, trying the ‘lazy rocker’ and a using a mobile phone trick to join the mile high club

  • Tracey Cox describes how you can make the most of your holiday sex 
  • If joining the mile high club she says push clothing aside rather than remove it
  • Reveals how to UP the anticipation by drinking champagne in a sensual way

If ever there was a year when everyone deserved a holiday, it’s this one.

If you’re lucky enough to still be able to afford a break, do your relationship and sex life a big favour and get booking.

The more often you go on holiday together the better your relationship will be: eighty percent of the world’s most respected therapists voted taking regular holidays as the best way to keep a marriage happy.

Not surprising given holidays are when most couples have the most sex.

Here’s how to make the most of your long weekend away with all the moves, positions, places and tricks to keep you both hot and bothered!

Tracey Cox has provided the ultimate guide for having the BEST holiday sex, from how to build anticipation to what to pack (stock image) 


It’s not just about remembering sunscreen. Be sure to pack…

Your most flattering, dressiest clothes. Yes, we all know you got used to WFH in gloriously comfy trackpants. But if you don’t make an effort and dress up for dinner on holidays, when will you?

Floaty fabrics. Loose dresses and skirts for her, easy to pull down shorts for him to take advantage of sneaky outdoor sex opportunities.

Sexy reads. Turn yourselves on while lying beside the pool before that mid-afternoon ‘nap’. If you’d rather watch than read, a tablet with some downloaded raunchy TV shows or movies.

A wooden spoon. Yup. You read that right. If you’ve travelling with kids, you won’t want to pack sex props that, well, look like sex props. Enter the humble wooden spoon, which makes for an excellent spanking tool. (Why did you bring that Mum? To build sandcastles with darling.) A spoon isn’t the only thing you should steal from the kitchen. While you’re there, grab…

A pair of Marigolds. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it: a Marigold hand-job is quite the experience! Use lots of lube, pull on the washing up gloves and off you go. The gloves create a pleasing friction you can’t create just with your hands. Think you’d crack up laughing, even if it worked? Try the next best thing…

A scrunchie. Not just handy to tie your hair back, you can use it to masturbate him with. Wrap it around the base of his penis and roll it up and down: works particularly well if he’s been circumcised to create a fake-a-foreskin feeling.

Remote control sex toys. If you’re child-free, go right ahead and put some of your favourite sex toys in there. Bring a remote-control toy for teasing by the pool and a discreetly sized water-proof vibrator (like a bullet) for playtime in it. (If you are bringing sex toys, put them in your main luggage and check the rules for where you’re going. They’re illegal in some countries.)

Personal lube. Because it makes everything feel better and because you’ll be having sex more often. Lube will stop you getting sore.

Antibiotics. If you’re prone to cystitis after too much wine or sitting around in wet swimsuits. A tube of thrush cream won’t go astray either.

Emergency contraception. Keep one set in your suitcase, and the other in hand luggage because losing your luggage will be even more traumatic if it’s got your pill in it. 

British sex expert shares advice on how to spice up your sex whilst on holiday (pictured Tracey Cox)


Even if you have kids in tow, there are ways to make that Bank Holiday getaway a relaxing AND sexy encounter.

Not all these moves are child-friendly (obviously!) but there’s a lot you can do outside the bedroom, in full sight of others.


The trick to getting away with sex outside your hotel room?

Stick to snatches of foreplay: It’s a safer bet than getting totally naked and having full intercourse. Always, ALWAYS check the rules of the country you’re travelling to and their moral/religious code. A reasonably innocent passionate kiss on the street in Dubai could have dire consequences; in Italy, no-one will bat an eye.

In your hotel room many times: All hotel rooms are sexy – even the not-so-posh ones – because you can’t help but think about what other people have got up to in there. Plus, even the budget ones often have mirrored cupboard doors that you can angle so you can have a great view of what’s going on.

The bath: If you’ve gone upmarket, there’s probably a nice deep bath-for-two in the room. Rude not to jump in there with cocktails and see where that takes you.

The shower: If little ears are listening and you can’t get away with having sex, shampoo each other’s hair. It’s an incredibly intimate and sexy thing to do. Let him shave your legs; let her shave your face.

On a secluded beach: Take some towels and sarongs, distracting buckets and spades, and you’ll get away with all sorts.

Off the beaten track: Walk a little away from the crowd and you’ll find conveniently placed trees or bushes that shield you from view. Enough privacy to get away with some hot neck kissing and breast play while you squeeze him through his jeans.

At a famous landmark: Yes, full sex is way too ambitious (unless you find an isolated, lockable loo) but you can certainly get away with a quick snog and/or a fumble behind a post or two at a tourist attraction you’ll never forget.

At dinner in a restaurant that has long tablecloths. Wear a floaty skirt with no knickers and keep a straight face while the waiter takes your order.

DON’T head for the pool, the sea or a hot tub. In movies and porn these are the main hot spots for holiday sex. In reality, you’re best avoiding all of them: they’re full of bacteria that cause irritations, urinary tract and yeast infections – all of which will spoil sex for the rest of the holiday. Jump in for some steamy foreplay, jump out for the final act.

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Turn off to turn on. 

There’s nothing more off-putting than a partner who spends the whole holiday with eyes fixed to a screen. Decide on times when it’s fine to check your phones and devices and the rest of the time focus on each other.

Lie in the sun together. 

It boosts Vitamin D that keeps testosterone levels high and your libido humming along nicely. (If you can arrange some nude sunbathing, even better: being completely naked in the sun sends desire skyward.)

Foot play 

There’s never been a better time to try this one… Suck your partner’s toes and lick the spaces in between them. Time it for when they’ve just come out of the swimming pool or sea with squeaky clean feet. (Feels sexier than you think!)

Role-play a summer romance 

Pretend you’ve just met on holidays and are about a have a hot summer fling. Get into character while you’re out and about during the day.

Go commando in a restaurant 

Take your knickers off while wearing a mid-length dress. No need to announce it, just discreetly grab his hand under the table to show and tell.

Make a sex bucket list

Note down all the new things you’d both like to try while you’re relaxing by the pool. One person texts the first idea, the other adds to the list. Go back and forth until you have at least 10-15 new ideas. The kids won’t have a clue what’s going on and neither will the couple you’ve gone away with.

Get wet. 

Pull on a nice, tight T-shirt and conveniently forget your bra. Then ‘accidentally’ splash yourself to highlight your best features! See through clothing is more erotic than bare flesh because it’s mysterious, offering a tantalizing glimpse of what’s beneath. He can pull the same trick to show off a ripped torso!

Write a note d

Detail things you’re planning to do to your partner that night, fold it in two and ask the pool staff to deliver it to their sunbed, along with their favourite drink. 


Use a code word 

It means: ‘Let’s find an excuse to go back to the room for five minutes for a quickie.

Go skinny dipping

Wait until the kids are asleep and sneak down for a night-time swim in the pool or sea. Doing something naughty releases adrenaline which bonds you to your partner.

Use ice-cubes to heat things up 

Grab a few from the ice bucket and run up and down your partner’s arms and around their nipples. Feels great if you follow the bits of skin you’ve just ‘iced’ with a hot, warm mouth.

Try a cool, new way to massage 

Use talc or baby powder instead of oil. Talc is nice and slippery, cooler, and works like oil but without the mess.

Share some champagne – the more unusual way 

Get your partner to lie on their back with you straddling them. Take a good gulp of something bubbly into your mouth, resist the urge to swallow, and simply hold it there. Now, lean over and kiss them, letting a tiny amount of champagne trickle into their mouth. Wait until they realise what you’re doing and swallow, before letting a little more trickle in. Take turns and be warned: it’s such fun, it’s rather easy to get drunk doing this!

Have sex in complete silence 

This might be a necessity (the kids or your mother-in-law might hear) but it can be a turn on as well. Tease each other mercilessly, knowing you can’t utter so much as a whimper.

Try tantra 

Heat makes us feel languid and slow. Make it work for you in the bedroom by trying some simple tantric sex moves. Have sex without breaking eye contact or match your breathing for an astonishingly intimate experience.

DON’T head for the pool, the sea or a hot tub. They’re full of bacteria that cause irritations, urinary tract and yeast infections – all of which will spoil sex (stock image) 


At last time to try out something new!

Here’s three new positions to suit each holiday mood: romantic, lazy and hot to trot.

Love triangle: Save this for after you’ve had a romantic dinner out, spent talking about how happy you are together! She lies back, he kneels in front of her. He takes hold of her feet and brings the soles together, pushing her legs back towards her chest. Her legs form a triangular shape, forming a ‘frame’ around both your naughty bits.

The lazy rocker: Perfect for lazy, sensual sex when you’ve been all day in the sun. He sits with legs stretched in front of him, apart. Facing him, she sits between his legs, putting her legs over his and feet either side of his chest. Clasp each other’s wrists then rock. One leans back as the other leans forward, pulling each other up with your arms.

The wall thrust: This one’s for fast, passionate, impromptu sex; it’s also a manly, caveman-type position for when you’re feeling adventurous. He leans against a wall and lifts her up by taking a firm grip of her bottom. She winds her arms around his neck, grips his thighs with hers and puts her feet against the wall to give leverage and help him thrust. Don’t expect to last for more than a few minutes but this is doable! 


A precursor before we start: The mile high club is a favourite in films (where everyone seems to travel first class) but, not surprisingly, less likely to happen in a crowded economy cabin with screaming babies, everyone watching back-to-back movies and queasy tummies from eating all that rubbish food.

You’re dealing with confined space, a less-than-glamorous setting (a loo, unflattering lighting) and possible interruption. Keep expectations low.

Choose a red-eye overnight flight for the best opportunities: the cabin lights are dimmed, there are pillows and blankets and most passengers are asleep. If you’re in business or first with a flat bed, joining the club is a cinch. It’s simply a matter of spooning, penetrating and timing the thrusts for when the crew aren’t walking through.

You can still get away with some serious heavy petting in your seat, regardless of what class you’re flying in, if your clothing allows and you can hide under blankets. Pretend to be watching a movie on your phones rather than kiss while doing it, and your hands can get up to all sorts.

You want to go the traditional route and do it in the loo? Don’t do it when the seat belt sign is on, be discreet, be quiet and most flight crew will turn a blind eye. People mainly get told off when drunk, loud and obvious.

One person goes to the loo, the other surveys the scene and if no-one is looking, does a secret knock (worked out beforehand) and discreetly disappears inside.

Once inside, don’t waste time. The longer you’re in there, the most likely you are to be rumbled.

Push clothing aside rather than remove it. Standing up is your best option for intercourse (face the door so you won’t be surprised), sit on the (closed) toilet if you want to give him oral. (Sadly, the space doesn’t really allow for him to return the favour without him kneeling on the floor. And no-one wants to do that.)

This is not the time for loud moans and groans: besides, you’ll need to keep an ear out for anyone knocking on the door.

If people do start knocking on the door or (worse) you hear the flight crew saying they’re about to open the door from the outside, disengage immediately, fix your clothes and prepare to brazen it out. Hold your hands up, give a cheeky grin then hot foot it back to your seats.

For more myth-breaking information about sex, listen to Tracey’s podcast, SexTok, that comes out on Tuesdays. You’ll find a link on

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