Tristan Thompson Trolled After His Only Time On Court Was To Dump Water On LeBron James’ Head

NBA fans are trolling Tristan Thompson hard after he celebrated the Cavs’ game five win by pouring water on hero LeBron James, even though he never had a minute of playing time!

Sit DOWN Tristan Thompson! The 27-year-old went nuts with joy following LeBron James‘ buzzer beating three pointer, giving the Cleveland Cavaliers the win over the Indiana Pacers 98-95 in game five of their NBA series on Apr. 25. This victory was one hundred percent because of King James’ efforts and the massive 44 points he put up. Yet Tristan acted like he played a part in the crucial win by running up behind Bron while he was doing a post-game interview about his amazing feat and poured water on his head while jumping up and down. Fans are now massively trolling Tristan on how that was his only appearance on the paint!

Tristan was still in his warm up sweats having never left the bench in game five, but you’d never know it from how ridiculously over the top he acted about the win that he had no part of. Maybe he just need a moment of joy away from his alleged cheating scandal with baby mama Khloe Kardashian, 33. The Cavs have had such a rough go to make it past the first round of the NBA playoffs and finally went ahead with a 3-2 margin in their series thanks to LeBron. He pretty much single-handedly won game two for the team as well with 46 points, causing coach Ty Lue to scold the other players to step up. So far he’s kept Tristan on the bench entirely for several games and what little playing time Tristan has had he hasn’t put up any numbers.

Needless to say, Tristan has been either completely absent from play or totally useless when he is on the court, so fans ripped him hard for celebrating a W that he had no part in. He even tried to hug LeBron after interrupting his interview and dousing him with water and Bron just walked away and ignored him. Here’s a sampling of how people are ripping apart Tristan on Twitter:

One user wrote, Tristan Thompson need to be throwing that water on himself with his sinful ass,” while another said “Tristan Thompson hugging Bron at the end the same way he hug the women he cheat on Khloe kardashian with.”  “Tristan Thompson celebrating. is you still on the team???” another person asked while he was called a “F**king cheerleader” by a number of other users for getting paid millions to sit on the bench.

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