‘Trolls say my lip filler looks like a bee sting – but I’m obsessed with myself’

A woman who enhanced her pout with lip fillers hit back at trolls who say she looks as if she has been ‘stung by a bee’.

Self-proclaimed ‘Freaky Princess’ recently shared that she expects male suitors to pay for everything – while her only job is to look “pretty” and “shop”.

But despite her oozing confidence, not everyone has been too kind about her ‘job’ and appearance as she posed for videos on TikTok.

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One cruel troll said that she had “ruined” herself by changing her looks.

A barrage of haters flooded her comment section, comparing her very full pout to a sting from a bee or wasp.

“I love eating bees”, one user jibed.

Another person questioned: “Have you been stung by a wasp?”

And, a third hater blasted: “Did you get stung by a bee or something? What’s going on here.”

Meanwhile, a fourth mocked: “Bro got stung by a bee.”

Although the Freaky Princess received endless cruel comments about her lips, she has not let the haters drag her down.

In another clip, she posed for the camera with her false lashes and long black tresses while she pouted her lips.

She declared: “I may not fit the beauty standards but I’m obsessed with myself.”

Since the Freaky Princess shared her love for her appearance, many people fled to compliment her looks and confidence.

“When beauty standards evolve over time, staying true to yourself, rather than trying to please others is the way to go”, one wrote.

Someone else praised: “You’re gorgeous.”

“Perfect lips face hair everything,” another remarked.

As this user compared her to a doll, they said: “You look like a Bratz doll (I hope you take that as a compliment because it is one).”


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