Twitter is turning Taylor Swift’s ‘Calm Down’ anthem into a gay joke

Taylor Swift released her new single “You Need to Calm Down” — a nearly three-minute bop that gives a big nod to Pride Month — at midnight Friday, and it didn’t take long for Twitter trolls to use the song as a way to continue speculating about her sexuality.

“Is Taylor Swift gay yet?,” comedian and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” writer Dewayne Perkins tweeted. “She has been dragging this out for so long. What is she, a fight scene in an episode of Dragon Ball Z?”

The single, the second to be released from her album “Lover” that’s out Aug. 23, is a bit of a departure for Swift. She took much criticism for staying politically silent during the 2016 presidential election, but has recently become more outspoken about the Equality Act.

With “You Need to Calm Down,” she gives the LGBTQ community a big shout out.

“You are somebody that we don’t know, but you’re comin’ at my friends like a missile,” she sings in the second verse. “Why are you mad when you could be GLAAD?,” name-dropping the LGBTQ advocacy organization — to which she made a “very generous” donation this month.

“Sunshine on the street at the parade, but you would rather be in the dark ages,” she continues, referencing a Pride march. “Makin’ that sign must’ve taken all night … and control your urges to scream about all the people you hate, ‘cause shade never made anybody less gay.”

Rumors about Swift’s sexuality have circulated online for some time. In April, after weeks of telling fans that she had a big announcement, she debuted her single “ME!” — though some fans had speculated that she might actually be coming out.

She hasn’t exactly tried to squash the rumors.

For instance, while singing “New Years Day” at the Time 100 Gala that month, she sang “I want her midnights” instead of the typical “I want your midnights.” Swift also wore a rainbow dress to an interview with out journalist Robin Roberts held during the NFL draft. But for years, Swifties have speculated over the nature of her close relationship with model Karlie Kloss, for whom she kept a spare bedroom for sleepovers at her Tribeca penthouse.

And now, it seems, the #Gaylor fire is burning even hotter.

“I’m so happy that Taylor Swift is gay,” tweeted Danika Worthington, helping whip up a social media frenzy.

“Why am I starting to get attracted to Taylor Swift now that she gets older and acting like gay,” added Twitter jokester Freja Alexander.

One Brooklyn-based social media justice warrior even goes so far as to link to a Power Point presentation that explains why they think Swift is actually gay.

But there are some nay-sayers.

“Taylor Swift is not gay,” writes user @jestom. “If she were, she’d come out the normal way, in a 5 page Vanity Fair spread where she says she’s ‘never really believed in labels, you know?’ ”

Others, meanwhile, are leaving matters status quo.

“I’ve decided the new Taylor Swift album is about confusing and riling up gay people,” tweeted writer Jill Gutowitz.

The Post has reached out to Swift’s team for comment.

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