UK drivers react to new E10 petrol rollout as motorists rage over car problems

Back on September 1, the new E10 petrol was launched in the UK.

It was rolled out to forecourts across England, Wales and Scotland.

The fuel is blended with up to 10% renewable ethanol and made up of materials to make it greener than existing petrol.

With the rollout, the new petrol is expected to cut transport CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes per year.

That's basically the equivalent of taking 350,000 cars off the road, or all vehicles in North Yorkshire.

But despite the new fuel being much better for the environment, it hasn't received the best reviews from UK drivers.

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Some have complained of issues with the new fuel, saying that it's not worked as they expected, reports

One motorist said: "Had our first bad experience with new E10 fuel yesterday.

"A friend filled up his camper van and conked out stranded within a few miles.

"Watch out and if in doubt afraid you need to go for wallet busting Super Unleaded."

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The tweet racked up hundreds of interactions with many still uncertain about the E10 petrol which replaced E5.

A user responded to their issue, writing: "It's annoying!

"I mean I get it's good for the environment and all that but, what about people that can't afford new cars.

"They decide to charge high prices for people that can't afford it."

Meanwhile, a second added: "Been in touch with my local Audi dealership this morning as GOV.UK says if unsure find out from them.

"Only to be told that they haven't got a clue and to check the Government website. It's a vicious circle."

The E10 rollout will support the increase production of biofuels at bioethanol plants in the North East of England.

It will boost job opportunities in the local area, with two big plants providing around 200 jobs directly.

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