Valentine’s Day: Six romantic houseplants to gift – and how to care for them

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Valentine’s Day is the most romantic date in the calendar, prompting loved up shoppers to seek out the best gift for that special someone. While red roses are the obvious choice, houseplants offer a more unique alternative. But with everything from vines to succulents to choose from, choosing the right plant can feel impossible. spoke to Elin Harryson, in-house plant expert at Planta to find out her six top picks for the most romantic Valentine’s houseplants.

Black Magic

For a large, sultry houseplant, Black Magic (colocasia esculenta) is a perfect choice.

As one of the earliest cultivated plants known to humans, there is no better symbol of everlasting love than this tall, wide-leaf perennial.

Speaking exclusively to, Ms Harryson at Planta said: “To care for Black Magic plants, place them somewhere with partial sun, but be careful to not let their leaves burn.

“Keeping these plants somewhere with filtered light and abiding by their water and fertilising needs will help your Black Magic thrive.”

Pink Passion

A luxurious yet affordable option, the pink-hued variety of Arrowhead plants are particularly easy to care for.

The heart-shaped leaves make Pink Passion an obvious choice for a Valentine’s Day gift, with its unusual combination of pink and green hues able to brighten up any empty corner.

Officially known as the syngonium podophyllum, this low maintenance house plant combines the perfect balance of grandeur with tropical flair.

This romantic variety should be kept in a warm, humid spot with filtered light to maintain the subtle gradient of salmon pink through the green leaves.

Elin explained: “Arrowhead plants will continue to look full and bushy with appropriate pruning, but be sure to handle them with protective gloves as their sap can irritate the skin, which is the last thing you want on Valentine’s Day!

“If you have a hard time finding Pink Passion, consider another variety of Arrowhead plant called ‘neon robusta’, as they are more widely available and have a very similar look and care regime, too.”

Lady Valentine

Perhaps the most aptly named Valentine’s Day houseplant, this pink Chinese evergreen is a vibrant yet rare variety.

Bold pink leaves are detailed with green spines to create this gorgeous tropical plant – a perfect gift for someone who likes to make a statement.

The foliage of a Lady Valentine benefits from regular misting and wiping with a damp cloth to prevent dust from building up, says Elin.

She added: “Take a damp cloth to wipe both sides of the leaves, and check on Lady Valentine’s leaves to see if there are any spots, dried edges, or signs of pests, and handle these signs of illness accordingly.”

While this stunning plant is a must-have for your special someone, pets can suffer from the toxic texture and sap of the plant – so keep them away from those with furry-friends.

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Sweetheart plant

These succulent-like plants are characterised by their charming and quirky heart-shaped appearance.

As the hoya kerrii plant grows, small stems turn into long vines which spill over the pot creating an elegant aesthetic.

A symbol of love and devotion, these fleshy houseplants are also easy to care for and require little watering.

Elin said: “When giving your loved one Sweetheart Plants, place them in a pot with drainage holes to avoid accidental drowning, and recommend they’re placed in bright or indirect light to help them flourish.”

String of Hearts

Similar to Sweetheart plants, this unique plant is also known for its rounded heart-shaped leaves.

The long trailing vines are often referred to as Hearts Entangled or Sweetheart Vine, with purple, red and green tones adding a touch of elegance to the home.

String of Hearts are considered drought-tolerant and can suffer easily from overwatering.

Elin recommends allowing the soil to dry out between watering and keeping an eye on wilted leaves as this could be a sign of overfeeding.

This very low-maintenance houseplant is the ideal gift for a busy partner.

Frosted Hearts

Another heart-themed variety, the syngonium macrophyllum plant is a bold green cultivar known for its unique colouring.

Elin said: “Characterised by their large, heart-shaped leaves, and subtle, silver tint, these ethereal plants are easy to look after when you follow their care needs.

“Like other Arrowhead plants on this list, Frosted Hearts require an even split of part sun, and part shade.”

The tall stem is decorated with flat yet rounded leaves which create the perfect contrast to bright blooms around the home.

Elin recommends misting the leaves regularly to increase their humidity and overall hygiene.

While the vines of a Frosted Heart make for a magical Valentine’s Day gift, they can be toxic if ingested and should be kept away from pets and children.

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