Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Need To See Tom Tom’s Glamorous Bar Design

Lisa Vanderpump, Ken Todd, Tom Schwartz, and Tom Sandoval’s forthcoming bar is reportedly almost ready to go. Clamoring to know what will Tom Tom look like when it finally opens its LVP-approved doors? You may not have to wait until opening day to get a good glimpse of the Vanderpump Rules stars’ new watering hole. Lucky us, there is a gorgeous rendering of LVP and Ken’s latest endeavor over on Nick Alain’s website. Alain is the artiste who helped make LVP’s vision for Tom Tom become a reality, and you can see his illustration of the bar over at his design company’s site.

As Pump Rules viewers most certainly recall, Alain, aka "the Maestro," is the designer who paid the Tom Tom construction site a visit with a tube full of gorgeous ideas for the bar the very same afternoon the Toms rolled up to the construction site with a cooler, some scorpion chili honey, and oodles of determination. Oh, and who could forget the fateful day that LVP, Ken, and the Toms paid Alain’s Las Vegas showroom a visit? What should’ve been a chill and informative afternoon wound up being an embarrassing meeting that reeked of tequila shots and only two hours of sleep. He’s only been in a few scenes, but Alain has been an integral part of Season 6.

But hey, it seems like it all worked out in the end. Tom Tom is slated to open ASAP, and judging by Alain’s rendering, it is going to be something to behold. A place to see, be seen, and see some more. The drawing features eye-catching light fixtures, sleek metal high tops, a floor-to-ceiling factory window at the end of the bar, the exposed brick wall, and a gigantic clock centerpiece. KVP wanted romantic industrial, and it sure looks like Alain delivered. The only way this space could be more romantic industrial would be if a Nine Inch Nails remix of "I Will Always Love You" was piping through the bar’s speakers.

If you are a Pump fan, that enormous pendulum should look familiar. It was one of the two pieces that Alain designed for behind the bar and showed to LVP on Season 6. So, uh, spoiler alert: It would appear as though LVP picked the traditional clock, not the swirling gears and gadgets pendulum creation, to be the bar’s star piece of decor.

There is one element that did not make the rendering, however. At the top of the season, Sandoval had a few requests for Tom Tom. One of the requests was “televisions that look sexy.” There do not appear to be any televisions that look sexy in Alain’s drawing, but again, this is just a rendering. For all we know, the real-deal may actually include dozens of televisions that look sexy.

With or without televisions that look sexy, Tom Tom is happening. And it sounds like it is happening really soon. On Monday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Sandoval told the Tom Tom info-craving masses that the bar could be ready for business as early as the end of May or beginning of June.

Wow. Just two seasons after the Toms met up with Lisa and gave a non-pitch where they offered to be pro bono brand ambassadors for LVP Sangria (or something like that?), they’re working together on a real-deal bar. And it’s going to be here so soon.

Then again, LVP is the queen of giving Pump Rules stars multiple chances, no matter how big a mess they make. And that is one of the many reasons why we love her. Raise your wooden spoon shots high (that one never gets old), this one’s for LVP tonight.

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