Vans Revives 2-Toned Multi-Textured Shoes

Vans’ two-toned, multi-textured shoes back in stock, but probably not for long.

It seems slightly antithetical for a clothing brand that built itself on skater apparel to make a pair of loafers, but gone are the days when skater boys ruled the streets. Style evolves, and if you’re a clothing brand that only sells to something that’s gone out, you’ll go out too.

Good thing the ‘90s are back and Vans can get back to selling what they’ve always been known for.

But then we have these shoes that seem a little out of place, even for Vans. Plain dark brown loafers? That doesn’t seem very hip. But look a little closer and you’ll see that these shoes are just as weird as Vans like ‘em.

Vans worked in collaboration with Japanese clothier Engineered Garments to bring us these two-tone slip-ons that remain faithful to both labels despite being laceless. On the left, you have a shoe top that’s made of microsuede. On the right, the shoe top is made of colored leather. The rest of the show is the same kind of rubber toe and flat sole that you’ve come to expect from Vans.

Now all you need to do is wear unmatching socks and your personal style rebellion is complete.

While the black-colored version of these two-toned shoes will easily be the stealthiest, they do come in a variety of colors. Need Supply has them in black, khaki, and navy, but there’s also red and white for those desperate for some lighter tones. Unfortunately, you’ll need to head into some of the more boutique outlets to get your hands on them. Nepenthes in New York’s Garment District was reported to have some at last glance, but there’s no telling how long that will last.

If you’re in search of something extremely stylish while also being incredibly comfortable and appropriate for almost any occasion, then these are the shoes for you. Retailer price is set for $80, so they’re even affordable too.

Just don’t get hung up on the lack of laces. Get it?

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