This Video Of ‘Fixer Upper’s Chip Gaines Supporting Wife Joanna Is So Charming

Chip and Joanna Gaines have moved on from Fixer Upper, but they have not moved on from being charming as all get-out on TV. On Tuesday, April 24, Fixer Upper‘s Chip and Joanna appeared on The Today Show. Joanna was there to promote her new cookbook, Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering. Chip was there to cheer Joanna on while she promoted her new cookbook. And yes, it was charming as all get-out.

At some point during the episode of the daily morning show, Chip left the warm studio, stood outside with the show’s audience, and held up an "I <3 Joanna Gaines!" poster. He was there to root for his wife like the number one Jo fan that he is. Chip tweeted,

Chip and Joanna are household names thanks to their hit HGTV program, Fixer Upper. The Waco, Texas-based series followed the couple as they flipped houses, wheeled away enormous "before" pictures, and knocked clients’ socks off for five seasons. But alas, all good things eventually come to an end. Last year, the Gaineses announced that their show would be over after Season 5. The final episode of their home renovation series aired on April 3.

In a blog post that went up on Magnolia’s website on Sept. 2017, Chip and Joanna announced that they were officially stepping away from Fixer Upper after Season 5. The couple wrote,

They added,

Apparently, HGTV realized that fans needed to be eased into the post-Fixer Upper era, and so the channel gave fans Fixer Upper: Behind the Design, a companion series that premiered on April 10. Chip and Joanna did not film new episodes for Behind the Design, but the offshoot does feature behind-the-scenes footage of Jo’s design process that was filmed when the HGTV power couple shot Season 5. Every episode of the 15-episode companion series corresponds to a renovation from the final season of Fixer Upper. As the HGTV site put it,

So, what are Chip and Joanna doing now that they’re done with Fixer Upper? Oh, you know, just running a house flipping business, running a restaurant, running a furniture line, running a magazine, expecting their fifth child, and promoting Jo’s new cookbook.

And Tuesday’s cookbook promotion was about as lovely as a brand new farmhouse sink.

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