Viral TikTok video splits opinion with controversial skincare advice

Time to ditch the products? Self-styled TikTok ‘skin whisperer’ claims you SHOULDN’T wash your face every day because it ruins natural ‘oil production’ – saying ‘rinsing with ice water’ is better for your complexion

  • Nicole Caroline, based in Connecticut, has prompted a lively debate on TikTok
  • Aesthetician Nicole told people to not wash their face in the morning in the clip
  • The video has garnered 3 million views and thousands of polarized comments
  • A dermatologist told FEMAIL a gentle morning wash can help keep skin healthy

A viral TikTok video from a skin expert telling people not to wash their face in the morning has sparked a fierce debate online.  

Nicole Caroline, an aesthetician based in Greenwich, Connecticut, has garnered more than 3 million views on her video, which has thousands of comments.

The eight-second clip sees the self-professed ‘skin whisperer’ spinning around in a swivel chair while singing: ‘Don’t wash your face in the morning, unless you have acne, please stop doing it. Thank you.’ 

It has generated a surprisingly polarised debate, with one commentator branding her suggestion ‘the worst advice in the world’, and another saying it is ‘the best advice [they have] ever received’. 

Dr Anjali Mahto of the British Association of Dermatologists told FEMAIL skincare  varies from person-to-person, but explained: ‘Washing your face when you wake up with lukewarm water and a non-abrasive cleanser can assist in keeping your skin looking healthy.’

Nicole Caroline, an aesthetician based in Greenwich, Connecticut, shared a viral video telling people not to wash their face in the morning

Nicole claimed: ‘If you are cleansing properly at night, there is no reason to use cleanser on your face again in the morning. 

‘All you need is a rinse with cool water or ice and to pat dry.’

She added: ‘A lot of the comments were from people saying their skin was too oily to ever cut out washing in the morning. 

‘However, what they don’t realise is they are causing more oil production by over-cleansing and trying to ‘wash’ the oil away.

Opinions on the advice given in the viral TikTok videos are fiercely split, with some commentators loving it, and others saying it is terrible 

‘We want to create balance and homeostasis. Destroying your acid mantle by cleansing multiple times a day is definitely not the way to go about that. You should also be double cleansing at night. 

‘This will begin to balance your oil production, so you will not feel the need to cleanse again in the morning.’

 There are exceptions though, she said, adding that people should ‘always listen to [their skin].

She said that if you are ‘sweating profusely at night, suffering from hot flushes, have acne, or are acne-prone, you definitely want to wash away the bacteria in the morning with a gentle cleanser’. 

A number of commentators questioned the advice – and pledged to keep washing their faces, despite the aesthetician’s opinion

Other pieces of advice she offered include washing your pillowcases regularly to avoid trapping bacteria, and cleansing after working out, before using sunscreen.

She also said people should seek the opinion of a dermatologist when it comes to their skin. 

However her advice has sparked many comments, with opinion over whether you should wash your face in the morning divided.

One commentator wrote: ‘We sweat at night. The skin is the biggest elimination organ we have. Toxins are released through our skin.’

Another wrote: ‘Nope I will wash my face anyway.’ 

A third said: ‘Unless you provide a logical explanation, it’s hard to take you seriously. Your target audience isn’t a kindergarten class I assume?’  

Among those on the opposite side of the argument, one said: ‘ Ummm that’s actually my secret to keeping a flawless face lol. I wash it with just water though.’

Another added: ‘I only rinse it with water in the morning. That’s it. My skin looks awesome.’   

However, while some questioned the advice, others agreed heartily, with some saying that not washing their face in the morning transformed their skin

 Dr Mahto explained: ‘There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to dermatology, however there are plenty of good habits to get into which apply to many of us. 

‘One of these is washing your face regularly, particularly after sweating due to exercise, or to remove make-up and similar products. 

‘Generally, we don’t advise washing your face more than twice a day, and certain skin diseases, including eczema, may mean that your skin has different care requirements.

‘Even when it’s chillier during the winter months, almost all of us will sweat during the night which can cause clogged pores and spread bacteria. ‘ 

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