Viral video shows £34 eye cream miraculously removing eye bags in just seconds

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There’s been a recent whopping 70% increase in Google searches for how to get rid of eye bags and puffiness, proving that we’re united in our battle against unwanted under-eye baggage.

But what if a product promised to fix the problem for you in about 30 seconds? It sounds too good to be true but a new video doing the rounds on social media says otherwise.

Posted by TikTok user Trinidad1967, the video shows the woman applying Peter Thomas Roth's Instant FIRMx Temporary Eye Tightener, £34.65 here, and clearly reveals the instant effect the cream has on her eye bags.

"So I'm getting ready for work and I wanted to share something with you guys. You see all these bags under my eyes, I'm 54. Anyways, I'm very self-conscious of them and I found this and it works amazing. I'm going to show you,” she says, before demonstrating the product to the camera.

"I just squeeze it out and put a little bit on and I'm only going to do one side so you can see the difference. And now we'll wait,” she tells watchers.

She applies a pea-size amount of the product to one eye area, and gently massages it in. After around 45 seconds, the previously puffy area has turned nearly completely smooth – as if by magic.

“Is this witchcraft?” asks one TikTok fan, while another says: “I like the fact you stay recording this product while it works its magic, no cuts or anything.”

The video has been shared and watched so many times – 4.2 million views to be exact – that TikTok mega-skinfluencer and dermatologistDr Shah quickly picked up on it.

So does an expert think the incredible effects are down to the product, or a bit of digital doctoring?

“This is the craziest demonstration video I have ever seen. Let me start by saying these results are not doctored, and are completely legitimate. I’ll explain why,” Dr Shah says.

“It contains silicates which are essentially like glue. They dry on the skin and pull the eyelid skin with it, instantaneously getting rid of your bags. The results are only temporary and it only works if the eyelid skin is really loose. It can also leave a glue-like residue.”

After thousands of Instagram, TikTok and Twitter tags, the brand, Peter Thomas Roth, has now apparently sent Trinidad1967 a whole bunch of other products to try.

Quite rightly, we say – the product is nearly sold out everywhere already!

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