Waitress sent home for ‘inappropriate’ top gets fired after her video goes viral

A waitress was "fired" from her job after complaining on TikTok about being sent home when she showed up at her work in an "inappropriate" top.

The woman, who goes by the name @vaneskinnylegnd, said she turned up at the bar-restaurant in a long-sleeved crop top but was told to go home because the management "didn't like" her top.

She went on TikTok and shared how she felt, saying: "I work at this bar-restaurant club thing where b****es will show up there in f***ing corsets, lingerie tops to work but my shirt, my long-sleeve crop top shirt is f***ing ugly and inappropriate."

The next day she went to work as usual only to be pulled into the office where she was told that she was fired for "posting on TikTok expressing how I felt".

In a follow-up video, she sat in her car and said: "I showed up to work, drove 45 minutes here and they fired me.

"Someone definitely sent my video to the owners and they were like, ‘OK, even though she didn’t name drop, even though she didn’t even say anything bad about the restaurant we’re going to have to fire her ass because she’s talking about us'."

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The woman also explained that the restaurant was owned by three men and added that she didn't get any warning before getting fired.

"They didn't say you can take down the video, I didn't name drop anyone," she sobbed.

Viewers were quick to console her for losing her job and some questioned the restaurant's dress code policy.

One said: "They're jealous babe. You look amazing!"

Another wrote: "I’m so sorry girl I hope a new job comes your way that fits better."

But some said the crop top doesn't look suitable for work.

"I know being dress coded isn’t fun and this situation sounds unfair but people need to learn how to dress professionally for work," a viewer commented.

And a fourth added: "Maybe there's a certain look their place goes for and a long sleeve crop top just wasn't it."

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