I Went To A Psychic On A First Date & Here’s How Our Future Really Panned Out

When I think about typical first date activities, I have a pretty well-established list of go-to choices. Drinks at a not-too-fancy, not-too-divey bar? Definitely. Something fun but slightly corny, like mini-golf? Totally works. Visiting a psychic on a first date and getting a tarot card reading designed to reveal my psyche to a literal stranger I met 30 minutes ago? Um… well, there’s something new.

Needless to say, I approached this psychic first date with a massive level of hesitation. Where would I find a dude willing to take this ride with me? Where would I find a psychic open to applying her otherworldly talents to a couple who doesn’t even know each other’s last names yet? Luckily, I found the answers to both questions in the same place, the modern-day source of all wisdom: the internet.

Since I knew that this particular date would need to revolve around the psychic reading, I decided to seek out a companion on a dating app where women are encouraged to make the first move, so I felt a bit less self-conscious approaching guys with a “Heyyyy, so… what are your thoughts on tarot card readings?”

Understandably, I saw several intro conversations go dark once the topic of tarot arose. Apparently, a lot of guys think it’s weird to explore the astral plane on a first date (weird, I know). But finally, I found someone daring enough to give it a whirl. J, a nice, Southern gent, faced my proposition with a refreshingly-game attitude. “Interesting prospect! Why not? At the very least, it will be a good laugh,” he replied to my offer, and I knew I’d found my co-pilot.

Now for the second, if not most important, step: seeking out a psychic. Fortunately, I’m based in Austin, TX, a city with no shortage of New Age-y establishments. I started researching tarot readers on Yelp and sent out a handful of inquiries, but I soon discovered a roadblock to my plan. Turns out, most psychics aren’t too keen on providing dual readings for couples that have existed for less than an hour. I knew I’d need to seek out a psychic with a willing attitude and a healthy sense of humor, and I finally got lucky with Cassandra, the rune and tarot reader behind Spider Goddess Web and Arcane Sanctum. Rather than worries and reservations, Cassandra replied to my proposal with “Sounds fun!” Just the attitude I was looking for.

I wish I could say that the candid nature of Cassandra’s reading resulted in a deep soul connection that persists to this day. Unfortunately, when J and I departed Spider Goddess to grab a drink nearby, the awkwardness caught up with us. The conversation felt stilted, and we never managed to balance the intimacy of the reading with the inherent discomfort of first-date conversations. Still, I felt deeply grateful to J for his open-mindedness and to Cassandra for orienting her reading on us as individuals. I walked away with a fresh understanding of the way I approach new relationships, and the next time I do click with a guy, I’ll be armed with a valuable store of information about myself.

So, when psychic readings on a first date, would I recommend? As long as you keep your expectations at a reasonable level and use the reading to gather perspective on your own habits — rather than as a way to know if you’ll fall in love with your date forever — it’s a surprisingly good move.

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